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Corrie ‘has some explaining to do’ as fans point out Lauren Bolton blunder

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Coronation Street fans have been left confused after Lauren Bolton (played by Cait Fitton) returned to the Cobbles this week, and she’s expecting a baby. Lauren was believed to be dead after vanishing in February.

Viewers of the ITV soap later discovered she had suffered a brutal attack at the hands of dodgy lawyer Joel Deering (Calum Lill).

Her ex-boss Roy Cropper (David Nielson) was even arrested and jailed for her murder. Weatherfield locals searched extensively for the troubled teen, but to no avail.

However, it was sex trafficker Nathan Curtis (Chris Harper), framed by corrupt copper Kit Green (Jacob Roberts), who ended up taking the fall for her murder.

On Monday (July 8), Lauren made a surprise comeback to the ITV soap and was confirmed to be alive as she headed to the hospital to visit Roy Cropper after he suffered a heart attack.

In Tuesday’s episode (July 8), Lauren tried to make a quick getaway from the hospital but was caught by her assailant Joel, and forced into a family room.

When Joel was about to lash out again at the hospital, Lauren gripped her stomach and revealed she was five months pregnant with his child – insisting he play no part in the baby’s life.

But Corrie viewers have been left making the same complaint about Lauren’s storyline as the character went unnoticed while out in public.

Viewers have been wondering how no one spotted Lauren walking around considering she was part of a murder inquiry that last for months.

Or how did a member of the public not raise the alarm considering she would have been blood-soaked following Joel’s attack?

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one Corrie fan wrote: “I’m not saying that the Lauren storyline is implausible but a girl with blood soaked hair charging about, begging for money and hopping on a coach AND a TV appeal AND a murder investigation and not one person saw?? #Corrie.”

A second exclaimed: “#Corrie 1 thing… wouldn’t Lauren change the style or dye her hair considering everyone has been looking for her for the past six months! You got some explaining to do Corrie.

A third chimed in: “So she got a coach outta dodge, covered in blood and crying and not a single cctv caught it and the police couldn’t find any trace. The blood trail magically stopped at her flat. Thank goodness we have Bethany, who’s bound to trace that hideous coat #corrie.”

“What a ridiculous storyline. So, Lauren ran away, head pouring with blood, no money, no phone, no clothes, pregnant, got on a coach and kept herself for 5 months? Silly. Silly story. #Corrie“, added another.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX

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