Thursday, June 20, 2024

YouTube has now begun skipping videos altogether for users with ad blockers

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  • YouTube is cracking down on ad blockers, testing tactics like slowing down video load times and skipping videos to push users towards Premium.
  • Some users are experiencing issues like no sound, stuck videos, and videos skipping all the way to the end when using ad blockers.
  • Despite efforts, users are finding workarounds via specific browser extensions and VPNs to watch ad-free YouTube videos.

Google-owned YouTube succeeded in shutting down the popular third-party YouTube Vanced app back in 2022 to encourage more users to pay and join YouTube Premium if they’re looking for an ad-free experience. In the subsequent year, the streaming platform declared war against ad blockers and showed that it had a Uno reverse card up its sleeve when it started testing blocking ad blockers.

Later in 2023, users reported being unable to play YouTube videos if the platform detected an ad blocker, paired with the platform giving users three strikes or three videos where ad blockers were allowed to function, after which playback would become unavailable.


YouTube has started blocking ad blockers

Latest experiment detects ad blockers and offers YouTube Premium in a popup

Fast-forward to January 2024, and the streaming platform was reportedly testing slowing down video load times for users with ad blockers enabled. Now, likely as part of a new test, YouTube users with ad blockers installed are reporting videos skipping straight to the end upon playback. As shared by 9to5Google, video playback resumes to normal when the ad blocker is disabled.

Some users on Reddit have also reported no audio in YouTube videos when using an ad blocker, while others said that their videos get stuck when loading. Again, the problem disappears when the user disables their ad blocker. Reddit user SDHD4K showed what YouTube’s latest tactic looks like:

“There’s no sound whenever I use ad blocker on YT. you can adjust the volume slider for a second then it goes mute again,” wrote user freemanhl2 on the Reddit thread, while user Vampirehedgehog wrote, “Oh my god this is happening to me too! It’s so annoying I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Well at least I’m not the only one who’s having this problem.”

Users have found workarounds


A VPN might be your ticket to an ad-free YouTube experience

You don’t need to travel to Albania to avoid ads on YouTube

The streaming platform is committed to its ad-supported revenue model and wants to ensure that the only way you don’t see ads is by opting for a Premium membership. However, adamant users have found workarounds. Some users on the above-mentioned Reddit thread indicate that using extensions such as uBlock Origin still works as intended, while others have resorted to using plugins like Ad Speedup that automatically speed up ads on YouTube by up to 16x.

Alternatively, users have also found that using a VPN and setting your location to Albania will allow you to avoid YouTube ads. This is likely because Google’s ad platform doesn’t support the Albanian language just yet. We tested and found the loophole to be working on both mobile and desktop.

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