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What it’s like to travel with twin babies and everything I’ve learned so far

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Don’t: Take two of absolutely everything

Here’s your chance to consider what you use in tandem. We packed two papooses, for example, and only needed one. Similarly, the sound of one white noise machine filled the room, and one blow-up float for the pool did the job. A double helping of Tiba and Marl’s twin backpacks as adult hand luggage was a good choice as it meant we could split feeding and changing equipment equally. RIP my designer handbags, we will meet again one day.

Tibi + Marl Elwood Twin Changing Backpack

Do: Book a hotel that is actually family-friendly

The term ‘family-friendly’ is vague but there are a handful of hotels that work to make parents and babies feel welcome, not just accepted. At a French ski resort, Armancette, family rooms are plentiful, and bathtime kits, prams and baby monitors are available. At IKOS, pathways are designed with prams in mind. In Paris, Le Bristol is set up to host children’s birthday parties, and at Lux* Belle Mare in Mauritius, there’s a kids’ menu at every on-site restaurant. For more ideas, see this guide to the best family hotels in Europe.

Don’t: Shy away from all inclusive

All-inclusive resorts have never been my preference, but I decided to embrace it in the hope of enjoying a shred of relaxation. IKOS Porto Petroo was the perfect choice – the resort has seven different restaurants, multiple pools and beach areas so cabin fever never had the chance to set in. We’re booked into their Andalusia property next, and the beauty of this group is that it caters for babies, children and teens so there’s something for everyone.

Don’t: Expect to book the same room you did last year

Fitting two cots in one room is no mean feat, and if your twins aren’t co-sleeping, you’ll need a big room. Don’t be surprised if the price skyrockets and you’re only offered suites or villas when you add two children under the age of one to the request.

Do: Confirm car seats in advance

Car seats are a tricky one to negotiate and we found securing two of the same harder than it needed to be. Book transfers ahead of time, specify the age of your babies and ask for photos or a product type to check the seats are appropriate. It’s also worth mentioning any other luggage you’re bringing in case you need a people carrier. Don’t rely on Uber or local taxis – they’re at liberty to reject infants without the right kit.

Do: Be prepared for the weather… and the air con

Consider sticking to the vest-pyjama-sleeping bag setup you use at home even in hotter climates. Hotel air con can be savage and keeping things as true to routine as possible *might* help combat any jetlag. Pack clothes wash to save suitcase space if (like me) you’re not used to sharing luggage allowance with two extra humans.

At home, we use Tiba and Marl snow suits, but for winter breaks, we’ve added the Binibamba puffmuffs to the strollers because they’re a savvier choice space-wise.

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