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US to Impose Visa Restrictions on Travel Companies’ Executives Who Facilitate Irregular Migration – VisaGuide.News

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The United States will enforce visa restrictions on executives of travel agencies and tour operators who offer travel services intended primarily for illegal migrants to the country, the US Department of State has announced.

Such a move expands the current policy under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), which restrains visa issuances to those who aid irregular migration to the US and benefit from exploiting vulnerable migrants, VisaGuide.World reports.

Through a recent statement, the US Department of State has warned to continue implementing visa restrictions against transportation representatives involved in illegal migration, noting that “no one should profit from vulnerable migrants”.

As we put in place this expanded policy, we will continue using visa restrictions against unscrupulous transportation executives as part of our broader campaign to eliminate exploitative practices within and beyond the Western Hemisphere, in collaboration with partners in government and in the private sector.

US Department of State

US Announced Visa Restrictions on Colombian Shipping Companies & Air Charter Representatives

In addition to the above-mentioned, the US has enforced similar measures on other categories of transportation representatives.

In May 2024, the US Department of State imposed visa restrictions on Colombian companies over irregular migration.

Moreover, in March 2024, the US enforced visa restrictions on representatives of air charter companies for aiding illegal migrants in reaching the country.

US Advised Prospective Migrants to Explore Safe & Lawful Paths

In an earlier statement, US authorities said that people who enter the US through illegal routes often pay high fees, risking themselves and their families, only to be placed into removal proceedings in accordance with the US immigration law.

Therefore, the US State Department urged potential migrants to use safe and legal routes to move to the US.

We urge Haitian, Cuban, and other would-be migrants to seek out the many safe and lawful pathways available to migrate to the United States.

US Department of State

US Introduced Visa Restrictions to Some Other Categories

In addition to the above-mentioned transportation companies, the US enforced visa restrictions on some other groups over the past few months.

Some categories that have been subject to visa restrictions by the US include people involved in the misuse of commercial spyware, several individuals from Honduras involved in anti-democratic actions, and nearly 300 Guatemalans accused of undermining democracy and the rule of law.

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