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Tyson Fury breaks cover after collapsing in the street when escorted out of pub

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TYSON Fury has been spotted hours after collapsing in the street when Britain’s “bravest bouncer” escorted him out of a pub.

The British former world champion – who lost his title to Oleksandr Usyk last month – was led out by two security staff on Friday evening after enjoying one drink too many in Nowhere bar in Morecambe, Lancs.

Heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury out for a walk in Morecambe with his father JohnCredit: PP.
Fury on his phone while out and aboutCredit: PP.
Footage from inside the bar showed the former world champion being taken out by security
A source claimed the dad-of-seven didn’t feel too good as he was leaving the bar

Footage showed the legendary boxer scrambling on his knees before bumping his head on a lamp post outside.

Fury appeared to shrug off the incident today as he took a seaside stroll along the promenade in Morecambe Bay with his father, John, 59.

Wearing a full blue tracksuit, Tyson, 35, was spotted scrolling on his phone as he enjoyed the fresh air.

The former champion, who has amassed an estimated £300m from his hugely successful boxing career, partied with friends and fans at the venue last Friday.

But his night came to an end when staff ruled he was too intoxicated, so staff gently persuaded the Gypsy King to head back to his £1.7m mansion which he shares with wife Paris and their seven children.

Earlier Fury had enjoyed some drinks while chatting with fans at the Strawberry Gardens pub in Morecambe.

A source close to Fury said the fighter had not had a drink for more than a year adding: “He had a couple too many and wasn’t feeling too well either.”

Another video taken by a motorist while waiting to collect her son showed Fury crawling on his hands and knees outside the bar with his head on the pavement.

The woman said: “I heard a lot of shouting and commotion and then I saw Tyson crawling on his hands and knees in the street. He looked in a bad way. Hopefully it was just a one-off blow out for him.”

Some fight fans joked Fury seemed to be still rocked from his ninth round knockdown in his split-decision loss to Ukrainian Uysk after a video of Fury being led out was posted on social media.

While another praised the door staff for their bravery, joking: “That doorman absolutely terrified.”

Other Fury fans sympathised with the boxer for enjoying his downtime before he fights Usyk again later this year.

Watch Tyson Fury give ‘very important message’ from his BED in first public post since Oleksandr Usyk defeat

It comes as a pal told MailOnline that there is extra concern for Fury’s well-being after the first defeat of his career.

They told the outlet: “Tyson and alcohol do not mix well.

“He’s previously used booze as a coping mechanism, which for any sufferer of ADHD is never a good idea.

“But given he’s been drinking again after such a high-profile defeat, there is a fear within his camp that more than ever, his support network needs to be ready to safeguard him through what could be a particularly testing stage of his life.

“He has never lost a professional boxing match before so they’re in uncharted territory in regards to anticipating how he’ll deal with it.”

The Gypsy King suffered a well-publicised fall from grace in 2015 following his shock victory over Wladimir Klitschko, which saw him balloon to 28 stone and sparked a three-year absence from the ring.

He sunk into a drink and drug fuelled depression as he struggled to deal with the fame and fortune the shock victory bestowed on him.

DJ Scott Shearing, defended Fury and told how he happily posed for pictures with dozens of fans and even gave one young girl £20.

Posting a picture of Fury online, he added: “I’m sure you’ve all seen the video of Tyson Fury being escorted out of Nowhere on FB. Lots of people with plenty to say.

“The man is a bl**dy legend, multi millionaire and yet he is still just like you or me. He goes out shopping, just like you.

“Goes to the pub just like you, maybe gets drunk just like you too. I get he is a public figure but he is only human.

Inside the Gypsy King’s royal court

TYSON FURY is one of the biggest characters in sport.

“He was in the Strawbs Fri for a good few hours and they were all singing and keeping to themselves.

“Lots of people asked to have their picture taken with him. He took the time to do this in fact a young girl I know had her picture with him and he gave her £20.

“The man has a heart and feelings for god sake. In boxing he is a legend regardless of his last fight however he is proud to live in Morecambe and always mentions us.

“Money and fame can bring its own problems when the temptation for excess of anything is there and available, be it buying fancy cars, houses or going out drinking it must be hard to cope with mentally.

“Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t turn it down but your every move is in the spotlight.

“He has his own demons with mental health and all that goes along with it but let’s show the man some respect for his achievements and love of Morecambe.

“We should have a statue on the prom celebrating him not putting him down at every opportunity!!!”

Fury will face Usyk again on December 21.

Fury appeared to hit his head on a lamp post as he fell
Fury fans sympathised with the boxer for enjoying his downtime before he fights Usyk again later this yearCredit: Getty

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