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Travis Kelce’s ex Kayla Nicole stuns fans with fitness routine amid bizarre donut dilemma

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Kayla Nicole, fitness enthusiast and owner of Tribe Therepe, has recently captured the spotlight with her vibrant workout attire and candid social media posts. Known for her disciplined fitness journey, Nicole‘s latest updates have sparked both admiration and amusement among her followers.

In a recent post, Nicole shared a playful public service announcement from her car, revealing why she avoids posting detailed diet plans. “This is why I can never post a ‘What I eat in a day’ unhinged,” she joked, accompanied by a teary-eyed emoji. Her fans were intrigued by her humorous approach to fitness and diet.

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Despite keeping her exact diet regimen a secret, Nicole couldn’t resist addressing a local temptation: Randy’s Donuts. She humorously warned the shop, “Whoever’s responsible for planting this Randy’s Donuts near my gym, count your days,” blending her dedication to fitness with a lighthearted tone.

Nicole‘s confession didn’t stop there. She admitted to frequently indulging in maple bars post-workout. “If you think I didn’t just finish my workout and rush over to get a maple bar, if you think I didn’t park my car to enjoy it in peace, count your days!” she added, sharing her relatable struggle with her followers.

To add to the fun, Nicole posted pictures of various Randy’s Donuts flavors on her Instagram story, teasing a taste test on TikTok. Her fans eagerly anticipated her review, appreciating her down-to-earth approach to balancing fitness and indulgence.

On July 9, Nicole took to Instagram to showcase her latest workout routine, nearly breaking the internet with her intense glute exercises. Dressed in a radiant pink swimsuit, she demonstrated a series of exercises designed to challenge and tone the glute muscles.

What is Nicole’s fitness routine?

Nicole’s routine included basic squats, squat pulses, and jump squats, with encouraging commentary throughout. “The reality is the glute muscles are not gonna grow if you don’t challenge yourself,” she asserted. As the workout intensified, she motivated her followers, “At this point, you might be questioning why you’re doing this, but you have only 30 seconds left.”

Finishing with squat rotations, Nicole shared her satisfaction with the results. She mentioned that her glutes had “never felt more activated, exhausted, and just juicy,” highlighting the effectiveness of her regimen. Her post emphasized the importance of pushing limits and staying dedicated to fitness goals.

Kayla Nicole’s blend of rigorous workouts and humorous, relatable posts continues to resonate with her fans. Her ability to maintain a disciplined fitness routine while enjoying occasional indulgences makes her a beloved figure in the fitness community.

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