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Travel-sized £20 diffuser hailed for curing travel sickness and flying nerves

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If you suffer from travel sickness or get nervous before flying, Green People’s £20 hand held essential oil diffuser can help make your travelling a little easier

The hand held diffuser is ideal for curing travel sickness and flying nerves (Green People)

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a well-earned getaway, whether it’s a tropical destination or a UK staycation, but if you find travelling difficult, it can take all the fun out of your holiday. From car sickness on road trips to flying nerves before you board your flight, struggling with travelling can leave you missing out on trips altogether.

Thankfully, we’ve found something that might help take the edge off and help you feel calmer and less nauseous no matter what mode of transport you’re taking. The Alexandra Kay Time To Inhale Handheld Diffuser from Green People is the perfect pick for throwing in your handbag whilst on the go, as the right combination of essential oils can cure all sorts of ailments.

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If you suffer from flying nerves, add a few drops of the Alexandra Kay Time To Relax Essential Oil to the diffuser and pop it in your hand luggage to be used before, during and after your flight. It’s hand held size means you should have no issues taking it through airport security, and its heatless technology means you don’t need to worry about diluting your essential oils.

Instead, it’ll gently vaporise your oils whilst still preserving their therapeutic properties. The diffuser holds 10ml of water, and all you need to do is add a few drops of your chosen oil to the water and switch it on.

It should give you eight to 10 cycles of 60 second diffuses, and you can switch it on and off any time you like to make the most of it. It also automatically switches itself off after use, and can be charged with a USB cable, making it ideal for travelling.

The Alexandra Kay Time To Inhale Handheld Diffuser has been praised by shoppers(Green People)

If you can’t get in a car or on a train without suffering from travel sickness, one reviewer also sang the diffuser’s praises for helping cure the nauseous feeling. They wrote: “Lovely small hand held diffuser, easy to use, and to charge. Great for travel sickness if adding some peppermint and lavender oil, or citrus or floral notes to boost your mood.”

Someone else added: “Love this little gadget, I have lavender oil in it, so relaxing.” Whilst a third put: “I’m really enjoying these small diffusers, I have two! They are a handy size, easy to use and no leakages. A great idea, thank you.”

Another also shared that they use it to help with headache pain, writing: “Small and light so definitely portable. Can add whatever oil you want to use. I’ve got Eucalyptus in it – great for headache relief. Love it.”

Some reviewers were disgruntled they’d had to purchase oils separately, however you can shop the full range of essential oils on the Green People website so you can pick and choose which ones will suit your needs.

If you’re after something a little more substantial to keep in your car or in a smaller space like an office or bathroom, Neom’s Wellbeing Pod Mini Essential Oil Diffuser offers a larger version that’s still portable. You can currently snap it up on Sephora for £49.50 rather than its usual price of £55, and its lack of water tank means it’s great for travelling with or moving from room to room.

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