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Travel expert sets out very first thing you must do in a hotel room

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A travel expert has shared the one thing you should do as soon as you enter your hotel room after a 278% surge

There is one thing you should do as soon as you enter a hotel room

A travel expert has warned that the first thing most of us do when we enter a hotel room after a long journey is actually a mistake. Rather than heading straight for the bed and switching on the telly, it’s recommended to take a moment to check for bed bugs under the mattress.

This quick action could save you from a lot of hassle later. So how do these pesky critters end up in a hotel room?

It’s simple they hitch a ride on luggage and clothing. Bed bugs are drawn to warmth, blood, and carbon dioxide, making sleeping humans an ideal feast.

Bed bugs have become a worldwide issue, with a recent study by Spotta revealing a worrying increase in bed bug infestations in UK hotels. The research shows a 278% surge in bed bug cases over the past two years, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Moreover, data from 2.5 million hotel stays indicates a fivefold rise in bed bug reports in the first quarter of 2024 compared to the same period in 2023.

A bedbug as populations surge in tourist destinations

To keep bed bugs from ruining your holiday, Hannah Westphal, a travel guru at byHannah Vacations, suggests checking the areas where bed bugs are most likely to hide before you even start unpacking. “Bed bugs are particularly attracted to fabric furniture,” Hannah advised.

“A quick inspection is recommended. Lift a corner of the mattress sheet and examine the seams for any signs of activity. It’s also wise to check the headboard, chairs, and any other upholstered furniture in the room. If everything appears clear after your inspection, you’re probably fine.”

For added peace of mind, Hannah suggests: “To avoid transferring any potential bed bugs, it’s best to place your luggage on a luggage rack or a chair, rather than on the upholstered furniture or carpet.”

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