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Travel blogger horrified to discover man featured in his video ended up being held captive in Brazil

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A travel blogger who documents his adventures on YouTube was left horrified after a man who featured in his video ended up being held captive in Brazil.

Callum Abroad is the ultimate travel nut, after he found himself feeling ‘restless’ during the pandemic.

So much time inside led to Callum wanting to explore the rest of the world, and having visited 20+ countries in the past few years, he certainly has a lot of stories to tell.

Brazil is just one of nations Callum has stepped foot in, though his experience in the South American country was not the best.

Callum travels the globe and documents it on YouTube. (Supplied)

Callum travels the globe and documents it on YouTube. (Supplied)

Speaking of when he arrived at one of Brazil’s notorious favelas, Callum told UNILAD: “I went to one favela in Brazil, and it was very hostile, very, very hostile. [They said] get the camera down.”

Favela is an umbrella term given for several types of working-class neighborhoods in Brazil.

People living in favelas often live in cramped and unsanitary conditions.

Callum continued: “We eventually spoke to some people who were in charge of the favela and I said, ‘Look, I’m not gonna video any of the drugs on the table or any of that stuff, I’ll blur faces, can I make the video?’”

Well, the leader agreed to Callum’s request, so the YouTuber made the video, uploaded it to his channel, and thought nothing else of it.

However, he received a concerning text message from a certain individual in Brazil.

“It was only a few months ago, I received a text message saying, ‘Callum, please call me’.”

He was asked to take down his video immediately.

The anonymous caller explained how they were ‘holding someone who’s in the video, and it was all down to the video’.

According to Callum, the caller continued: “If you don’t delete the video, then this person is gonna get harmed.”

Callum has had issues with people in Brazil. (Supplied)

Callum has had issues with people in Brazil. (Supplied)

Speaking of how he felt at that moment, Callum told UNILAD: “I was shocked because I made the video about seven months ago.

“That specific favela, they were not happy.”

With an individual’s welfare at risk, Callum, of course, removed the video and even sent screenshots to the gangs as proof you could no longer watch it on YouTube.

The caller thanked Callum for pulling the plug on the video, and that was the last Callum ever heard of the situation.

“I was a little bit surprised because they did give me the go-ahead initially,” Callum added.

The travel blogger never heard from the man again, neither did he know him in the first place.

It’s not all bad travelling the world though, with Callum having some amazing experiences in recent years, most of which he documents on his YouTube vlog.

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