Monday, June 17, 2024

This 20-minute rowing workout burns a ton of calories and strengthens your entire body

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The rower is one of our favourite cardio machines – it’s lower-impact than the treadmill, yet works way more muscles than an exercise bike (86% to be exact). It also spikes your heart rate, burning lots of calories. But, if you thought a rowing machine workout only consisted of long, continuous strokes, think again. This snappy circuit from Mirafit combines two bodyweight exercises alongside the rower to smoke your entire body and push your cardio fitness to new levels.

The rowing machine has lots of benefits for our overall fitness (that’s if you know how to use it properly), but it can also be hugely helpful for our posture too. Hydrow says: “Because your back muscles are activated and engaged during your strokes, rowing workouts can help improve muscle support for your spine, reducing the potential strain on vertebral discs and joints.” This helps to maintain proper alignment, reducing the likelihood of injuries that may lead to back pain.

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