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THG Fulfil Enhances Delivery Service To Meet Late Night Shopping Trend – Retail News And Events

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THG Fulfil (the operations division of THG’s Ingenuity business) has announced a significant enhancement to its delivery service, catering to the growing trend of late-night shopping. UK shoppers can now order from a range of beauty and nutrition brands, including ESPA, Perricone MD, LOOKFANTASTIC, and Myprotein, until 1am, seven days a week, and receive their products the following day. Orders placed between midnight and 1am will arrive the same morning.

This next-day delivery (NDD) service also applies to UK orders for THG Ingenuity and THG Fulfil’s external clients. THG Ingenuity’s vertical integration allows for total control over the delivery experience for end consumers, leveraging real-time customer data to enhance order-fulfilment operations. This capability positions THG Fulfil to serve the increasing demand for late-night shopping more effectively than its competitors.

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According to THG Fulfil’s data, over 82% of all NDD orders are placed after 2pm, and more than a quarter are placed after 10pm. This trend highlights the growing consumer preference for extended shopping hours and faster delivery options. There has been a 7% rise in orders placed between 10pm and 1am compared to last year, alongside an 8% increase in customers opting for NDD.

Advances in THG Fulfil’s operations, including improved batching algorithms, automation, and enhanced inbound and outbound processes, have significantly increased order processing efficiency. These improvements enable THG Fulfil to process and dispatch orders more quickly from its highly automated warehouse in Manchester.

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Tom Killeen, COO of THG Brands, stated, “It’s phenomenal to think that when you place an order until 1am any day of the week, it could arrive the following morning – or even the same morning if you order after midnight. It leans into the ‘I want it now’ generation of consumers and allows us to drive high customer lifetime value for our brands and those of our clients.”

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