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The High Street Summer Dresses That Are Actually Worth Their Price

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When it comes to high summer shopping, the perfect dress can be an elusive thing. We want it to be comfortable and breathable, but also work for formal occasions, such as weddings. We want other people to ask, “Where did you get that from?” – after all, there is no greater satisfaction than receiving an unsolicited compliment in a public bathroom. But, really, it all starts with knowing what to look for when you shop.

Let me explain: I’ve worked in fashion for a long time, and what I’ve learnt over the years is that, unless you understand what quality is and what constitutes its price point, hunting down a summer dress that will stand the test of time will be an arduous and expensive pursuit.

So, to give you a helping hand, I trawled through the high street’s summer collections to find six pieces that are actually worth your investment. But even if your dream dress isn’t here, what’s important is that you’ll be armed with the knowledge on which to base your future shopping searches.

For reference, I’m 5’1” and my measurements are around a UK 8, or a US 2. These are the sizes I stuck to for the try on, with the exception of the white silk Reformation dress, which I’m wearing in a US 4 to achieve a looser fit. Personally, I prefer to have pieces that are a little larger and then tailor them to fit my shape (I use digital tailors like Sojo), rather than go a full size down. Areas that can be tricky for this are the length of the shoulder straps or skirt – often, if a garment is ill-fitting anywhere else, I’ll know it hasn’t gone through vigorous fitting rounds.

Me+Em’s white maxi dress

Me+Em’s white maxi dress.

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