Sunday, July 14, 2024

The Acolyte Explained | Highlights from Episode 7 “Choice”

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In the latest episode of The Acolyte, we return to Brendok to see the events from episode 3 from a new perspective — through the eyes of the Jedi. 

In Star Wars: The Acolyte, an investigation into a shocking crime spree pits a respected Jedi Master against a dangerous warrior from his past. With new episodes now streaming on Disney+ every Tuesday, join us as meditates on favorite moments and fascinating connections from the latest Star Wars series.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses story details and plot points from the seventh episode of The Acolyte, “Choice.”

It would seem that what we saw in the third episode of The Acolyte was true…from a certain point of view.

This week, the penultimate episode of The Acolyte pays homage to the Akira Kurosawa classic Rashomon, returning to Brendok and the past to reexamine the events of the twin’s separation from the perspective of the four central Jedi: Jedi Knight Sol (Lee Jung-jae), Master Indara (Carrie-Anne Moss), her Padawan Torbin (Dean-Charles Chapman), and Master Kelnacca (Joonas Suotamo). As we rejoin Mother Aniseya’s (Jodie Turner-Smith) coven, we gain new insights into how the Jedi perceive the witches and their ritual as well as their treatment of young Osha (Lauren Brady) and Mae (Leah Brady). An examination of the nature of truth and an interrogation of justice, the more we learn, the more questions remain.

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