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Thales secures three major contracts to modernize the Portuguese railway infrastructure

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  • Thales alongside partners SISINT and CONECTICABO has secured three substantial contracts, totalling over 10M€ for the renewal of telecommunication in the Portuguese mainline railway.
  • These projects will significantly improve the quality, safety and functionality levels of the Portuguese mainline railway infrastructure.
  • Having triumphed in multiple contracts for signalling system renewals, Thales is positioned to play a crucial role in the comprehensive upgrade of telecoms infrastructure.
  • It underscores the group’s expertise in navigating a fiercely competitive and price-sensitive market.

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Thales, a leading worldwide player in railway systems, and its partners SISINT and CONECTICABO announce the successful acquisition of three significant contracts, solidifying Thales’ position as a trusted partner in the ongoing modernization journey of the Portuguese railway.

By securing these contracts, Thales’ underscores its unwavering commitment to modernize the Portuguese railway system. The statement highlights the company’s proactive stance in managing obsolescence, introducing innovative functionalities, enhancing reliability, and ensuring safety across the entire network.

With three consecutive wins in public tendering, specifically for Sines Line Telematics, Evora Line Telematics and Beira Alta Line Telematics, Thales stands out as an experienced, supplier-agnostic integrator, supported by field-proven partners.

Each project aligns with the overarching mission of Thales – leading a consortium focused on designing, supplying, installing, and commissioning a comprehensive package of operational support telecom systems.

“The winning consortium is committed to collaborating with Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) to ensure the successful execution of these critical projects. We are excited to be a part of the ongoing effort to improve rail transportation in Portugal and believe the renewed Telematics systems will play a key role in improving rail services in the country.” João Araújo, Chairman of the Board, Thales Ground Transportation Systems Portugal.


Modernization of the Portugal National Railways

Over the past few decades, Thales has emerged as a crucial partner in the modernization efforts of the Portuguese Railways Infrastructure, collaborating closely with Infraestruturas de Portugal since the early 90s. This collaboration began with the introduction of new electronic Interlocking systems and the implementation of state-of-the-art Telecommunications and Passenger Information and Comfort systems.

Thales further solidified its role by spearheading the design and implementation of the Lisbon Operational Control Centre, which currently manages 70% of Portuguese rail traffic. The company played a pioneering role in Portugal, securing the introduction of ETCS L2, initially on the International North Corridor (Beira Alta Line) and the International South Corridor (Évora-Elvas-Caia), and later on in Cascais Line, marking a significant milestone in the history of the national railway.

Benefiting from its extensive expertise and a diverse team of skilled professionals, Thales has successfully positioned itself as the foremost supplier of modern signalling and telecommunications technology within the Portuguese railway network.

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