Friday, June 21, 2024

Secret of Great Pyramid construction revealed by dried-up river

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“[This] strongly implies that this river branch was contemporaneously functioning during the Old Kingdom, at the time of pyramid construction,” the team write.

Data on water levels and the elevation level on which the pyramids were built show that throughout the Egyptian dynasties, the river was getting progressively lower.

The scientists write: “The enormity of this branch and its proximity to the pyramid complexes, in addition to the fact that the pyramids’ causeways terminate at its riverbank, all imply that this branch was active and operational during the construction phase of these pyramids.”

“This waterway would have connected important locations in ancient Egypt, including cities and towns, and therefore, played an important role in the cultural landscape of the region.”

The scientists say they hope their findings can provide “a more refined idea” of the areas where ancient monuments are located in Egypt and help preserve the country’s culture.

They write: “By understanding the landscape of the Nile floodplain and its environmental history, archeologists will be better equipped to prioritise locations for fieldwork investigation and, consequently, raise awareness of these sites for conservation purposes and modern development planning.”

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