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Patrons strike back after Equinox stops stocking skincare products

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By Mackenzie Tatananni For Dailymail.Com

19:10 16 May 2024, updated 20:39 16 May 2024

Ritzy gym chain Equinox is being lambasted by patrons for replacing a much-loved offering of locker room products with a new collaboration.

The fitness group announced Wednesday that it would be joining forces with Grown Alchemist to provide a new line of skincare and shower products.

‘Investing in our members (sic) performance inside and out,’ the company wrote on X, formerly Twitter, accompanied by a flashy promotional video.

However, the news stoked the rage of gymgoers, who demanded Equinox bring back its longtime offering of Kiehl’s products – with many criticizing the blatant partnership.

‘The new stuff is so unbelievably bad. It’s so transparently a cost-cutting maneuver,’ one netizen raged. ‘Are you going to discount my membership at least? We all know you’re saving money by dumping Kiehl’s.’

Patrons are blasting high-end gym chain Equinox for replacing its offering of shower products with a collaboration between the fitness company and a new brand
The much-loved Kiehl’s products vanished from locker rooms as of Wednesday (pictured: Kiehl’s body cleanser, $32/500 mL)
While they are cheaper than the new offerings, gymgoers have complained about decreased quality (pictured: Grown Alchemist body cleanser, $48/500 mL)
While membership fees vary in price depending on location, a pass to all 107 Equinox clubs worldwide will set patrons back $405 a month (pictured: rooftop pool at Hudson Yards)

Another user slammed the ‘overnight change’ and ‘lame marketing push’ while in the same breath condemning the products as ‘unacceptably bad.’ 

Patrons claimed that the new products didn’t rub into their skin and caused irritation. One woman compared a rose-scented body lotion to ‘grandma’s perfume’ and ‘a citronella candle.’

To add insult to injury, some users pointed out that the fitness company was peddling the new toiletries on its website.

Each item carries a hefty price tag, with the most expensive product – a ‘skin renewal serum’ – coming in at a whopping $72 for a 25-milliliter vial.

While Equinox has yet to comment on why it made the change, patrons have been vocal in the past about taking advantage of their unfettered access to the luxe products.

In a video that racked up over 3 million views just days after it was uploaded in September, a patron filmed herself swiping some moisturizer from the locker room.

The woman retrieved an empty Kiehl’s container from her bag and refilled it with product from a full-size bottle in the bathroom – ‘because my $300 gym membership provides it for me so why go buy a new one?’

Following the announcement, some patrons expressed disappointment that their days of taking free refills had come to an end.

‘How will I refill my monthly Crème de Corps now?’ one patron lamented, referencing the popular Kiehl’s body lotion.

Patrons complained that the new products didn’t rub into their skin and caused irritation, with one comparing the scent of a body cream to ‘a citronella candle’
Equinox stocked its locker rooms with skincare and shower products by Kiehl’s before announcing the change on May 15
‘Investing in our members (sic) performance inside and out,’ the pricey fitness club professed on social media
While it is unclear why the company made the change, gymgoers have been vocal in the past about swiping free refills of Kiehl’s products from the locker room
Equinox recently announced a $40,000-per-year membership designed to ‘extend lifespan’

While membership fees vary in price depending on location, a pass to all 107 Equinox clubs worldwide will set patrons back $405 a month, or just under $5,000 per year. Enrollment comes with a 12-month commitment.

The brand is known for its gyms that cater exclusively to the wealthy, but Equinox recently announced an even pricier fitness option. 

Earlier this month, the company partnered with lab-test startup Function Health to launch a $40,000 annual membership.

The program, called ‘Optimize by Equinox,’ is designed to ‘extend lifespan’ through personal training, nutrition plans, massage therapy and sleep coaching. has reached out to Equinox for comment. 

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