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NVIDIA Powers The Iconic Vegas Sphere With 150 RTX A6000 GPUs, 1.2 Million Programmable LEDs

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NVIDIA has revealed that the iconic Vegas sphere which has been making the headlines, is powered by their RTX GPUs.

Las Vega’s Famous Sphere Is Powered By 150 NVIDIA RTX GPUs & Driven By 1.2 Million Programmable LEDs

The Sphere is the new major attraction in Las Vegas, covering nearly 750,000 square feet of area. This large architectural marvel isn’t just a standard sphere as it features several LEDs that are used to power a range of effects and even display a smiley which is known to have a lookout for ongoing traffic, whether those be cars on the highway or planes flying high up in the sky.

According to NVIDIA, the Vegas Sphere is powered by 150 RTX A6000 GPUs, each featuring over 10K cores, 48 GB of memory, & a 300W TDP. That’s a total of 1,612,800 cores, 7200 GB of GDDR6 memory, and 45,000W of power consumption if all of those GPUs are running at their maximum power.

Image Source: NVIDIA

Sphere, a new kind of entertainment medium in Las Vegas, is joining the ranks of legendary circular performance spaces such as the Roman Colosseum and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater — captivating audiences with eye-popping LED displays that cover nearly 750,000 square feet inside and outside the venue.

“Sphere is captivating audiences not only in Las Vegas, but also around the world on social media, with immersive LED content delivered at a scale and clarity that has never been done before,” said Alex Luthwaite, senior vice president of show systems technology at Sphere Entertainment. “This would not be possible without the expertise and innovation of companies such as NVIDIA that are critical to helping power our vision, working closely with our team to redefine what is possible with cutting-edge display technology.”

Named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023, Sphere hosts original Sphere Experiences, concerts and residencies from the world’s biggest artists, and premier marquee and corporate events.


These 150 NVIDIA RTX GPUs are interconnected using state-of-the-art connectivity which includes BlueField DPUs and ConnectX-6 Dx NICs, powered by software technologies such as DOCA Firefly Service and NVIDIA Rivermax Software. All of these combined run 16 16K displays on the interior & 1.2 million programmable LEDs on the exterior of the Vegas Sphere.

It’s definitely interesting to see the use of GPUs in these unconventional ways and we can’t wait to see what next Sphere or structure the RTX GPUs from NVIDIA would go on the power.

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