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Midlothian mum and daughter open ’boutique gym’ with fitness studios and beauty rooms

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A Midlothian mum and daughter have recently opened their ’boutique gym’ together after months of ‘hard work’.

Georgia Torrance, 27, and Annalisa Buchanan, 57, are from Penicuik and have both always shared a passion for health and fitness. After starting up their training providing business in 2008 and buying the unit in 2012, the mother and daughter duo recently opened up their newest venture – a boutique gym.

Club FEA is based in Penicuik on 54-56 Clerk Road, which they hope will help “revolutionise the wellness scene in Penicuik”. Speaking to Edinburgh Live, Georgia, who is the director of the business, said her mum “is her inspiration” and that everything she knows is down to her.

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She said: “My mum bought the unit in 2012, so we have had it for a while now which we used for classes to train personal trainers and instructors.

“Many years ago, my mum sketched out some drawings for extending the building to put in a gym and then she didn’t go ahead with it. I then came on straight from school and got in to the business side of things quite early on.

“She then moved across to Spain during lockdown and I was adamant that the gym was still going to go ahead so I have been putting it together since then, it’ been a lot of work but I absolutely love it.

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