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Meet Gwyneth Paltrow’s celeb fitness trainer, Tracy Anderson

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Harper’s Bazaar reported that London’s latest longevity-focused members’ club Surrenne opened on April 14 with an entire floor dedicated to Anderson, including a studio and retail space. “Bringing the Tracy Anderson Studio was a perfect opportunity due to the synergy between our method and the UK’s health-conscious culture,” Anderson said.

So what do we know about the self-titled “fitness pioneer” beloved by celebs?

Did Tracy Anderson always want to go into fitness?

Fitness trainer Tracy Anderson. Photo: @tracyandersonmethod/Instagram

She actually originally wanted to be a professional dancer. But after moving to New York City on a dance scholarship when she was 18, she gained 18kg, per her website’s bio. Genetic predisposition to obesity on her father’s side didn’t help. Despite over-exercising and under-eating, she could not lose the weight, and had to abandon her dreams. But – of course – she’s come a long way since then.

What is the Tracy Anderson Method?

Tracy Anderson is known for her eponymous Tracy Anderson Method. Photo: @tracyandersonmethod/Instagram

After years of research, according to her bio, Anderson managed to transform her body and came up with an early version of the Tracy Anderson Method in 1999. Over five years, she created custom workouts for a group of 150 women and tracked her findings, per Grazia. Anderson’s approach is defined by over 200,000 exercise moves – but also by the focus on smaller accessory muscles. She found that while the women who came to her had varied genetic backgrounds and body types, they were all able to attain a more muscular physique with Anderson’s help.

Eventually, in 2011, Anderson launched the Metamorphosis video series: an at-home fitness programme customised by body type and organised as a set of DVDs, one for each 10-day sequence across 90 days total.

According to a 2018 interview with Forbes, Anderson said, “My mission has always been to research, create and share tools that help women create balance in their bodies so they can create balance in their life.”

What other products and services does Tracy Anderson offer?

Today, Anderson’s fitness empire encompasses over 170 DVD workouts, a global streaming service, an organic line of protein bars, educational content, a new workout programme with eco-movement equipment MyMode, the HeartStone weighted rose quartz energy trainers, and much more.

Tracy Anderson and her set of HeartStones. Photo: @tracyandersonmethod/Instagram

The mother of two currently has seven studio locations globally, from NYC, LA and the Hamptons to Madrid, Spain – and her latest outpost in London, UK.

Tracy Anderson’s business partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow attends the Daily Front Row’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, US, in April 2023. Photo: EPA-EFE
The Goop founder is not always about the wacky wellness routines. She also credits her long-time trainer Anderson for her chiselled and lean body at 51 years old.

The pair met in 2006 after Paltrow gave birth to her second child Moses, and managed to lose stubborn baby weight after training with Anderson. The health-conscious star then decided to become business partners with the ex-dancer two years later, believing that more women should have access to Anderson’s method, per Anderson’s website.

Which celebrities have trained with Tracy Anderson?

Nicole Richie and Tracy Anderson. Photo: Getty Images
Anderson has featured Nicole Richie in one of her dance cardio workout videos – but The Simple Life star isn’t the only Hollywood celeb who’s trained with the fitness entrepreneur. From Robert Downey Jr to Jennifer Lopez, Anderson has trained many stars to get them ready for the red carpet and stay fit as they age.
Anderson shared with People magazine in 2021 that J. Lo’s musical background may have something to do with why she’s so motivated at the gym: “With her, she’s just extraordinary. She is an amazing person to move with because she really doesn’t put roadblocks in her way.”

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