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Luxury saloon that’s comfortable, fast & great on fuel can be yours for £6k

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A CAR expert has revealed a highly-underrated executive saloon that can be picked up second-hand for around £6,000.

YouTuber Jonny Brighton of the channel Cars With JB listed the best cheap and fast cars with great fuel economy that can be bought for under £10,000 – and the Lexus GS 450H really takes the pick.


The Lexus GS 450H is a luxury super saloonCredit: Alamy
It's also a bargain these days - priced at under £10,000


It’s also a bargain these days – priced at under £10,000Credit: Alamy
YouTuber Jonny Brighton highly recommends the motor


YouTuber Jonny Brighton highly recommends the motorCredit: CarsWithJb

Jonny describes this Japanese motor as a “highly-underrated executive car” that was built to be “luxurious, practical, economical, and surprisingly fast.”

He added: “That performance comes from its 3.5-litre V6 engine, combined with electric power to produce 340 bhp – taking the car to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds.”

This stylish hybrid is also incredibly economical – capable of doing 46 MPG (miles per gallon).

Inside, its interior has been described as “pretty no nonsense” with the focus on simple luxuries.

Jonny also noted the car’s “environmentally friendly features” – which includes the optional use of bamboo for the trim.

He added: “In terms of luxuries, you’ll be hard pressed to find any cars that offer the same level of comfort and technology for this kind of price range.”

Speaking of which, the GS 450H can be picked up for as little as £6,000 – with £10k enough to get you high-mileage 2014 model.

The GS 450H model was also recently praised by another car expert from the YouTube channel High Peak Autos.

In a video detailing the best low-price hybrids that can be bought second-hand, he said of the Lexus: “They are a a little bit older now but they’re really good cars these.

“They’re quick as you like, silent, luxurious, well built and reliable.”

The new Porsche 911 with HYBRID power

“In terms of road tax you’re talking 310 pounds with a combined fuel efficiency and 341 horsepower. I told you they were quick.”

Elsewhere, an iconic first-of-its-kind sports car that’s synonymous with the 1980s could be set for a revival – some 16 years after it was discontinued.

The brand behind the motor has already brought back one of its most beloved sibling models and now looks to be preparing for another resurrection project.

And Porsche have ended a 60-year tradition by removing two iconic design features from the new 911.

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