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Liverpool tipped to go against Man City and push for firm Premier League ban

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Finance expert Stefan Borson has claimed Liverpool will push for Associated Party Transactions to be “completely banned” amid Manchester City’s current legal battle.

The 2023-24 Premier League winners have taken legal action against the Premier League over the new rules, which were originally introduced in December 2021, that look to limit Associated Party Transactions (ATPs). The tribunal case will begin on June 10 and will aim to be concluded before the beginning of the 2024/25 season.

According to The Times, City has claimed the current rules in place go against competition law and is now seeking ‘monetary damages’ on the basis that the club has been forced to comply with these rules for several years. City was originally taken over by Sheikh Mansour back in 2008 and has regularly invested heavily throughout the last 16 years.

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If the case goes in the favor of City, the club could be free to receive vast amounts of money through sponsorship deals from the likes of Etihad Airways. However, Borson has tipped Liverpool to be heavily against City during the legal proceedings – and has even claimed the Reds could push for a complete ban on ATPs.

“I think Liverpool will be part of a category of clubs who will be some of the most vocal about associated party transaction rules,” Borson told Football Insider. “They will be vocal about strengthening every rule around this.

“They will be a key instigator because they don’t have that as a source of revenue. They’re not looking to bring in any of FSG’s partners as sponsors and therefore I suspect they would like associated party transactions completely banned.

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