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LEVI: electric vehicle infrastructure training course

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Online, Spring 2024

Event details:

  • Online
  • Next term starts 25 September 2024 in Oxford. 

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new UK Government funded electric vehicle infrastructure (EVI) training course designed to upskill local authority officers as they coordinate the deployment of public charging infrastructure.   

The EVI Training Course is a 10 week course, requiring 5 hours of online learning per week and attendance at an in-person session to kick off the course. The course will cover topics including: EVI technology, users and stakeholders, EVI strategy, EVI procurement, deployment and operations. 

Course Dates 

We’ve organised our courses to align with school terms. The first course commences on 21 March 2024, starting with an in-person kick-off seminar at Loughborough University. Please choose the term that best suits your programme. 

  • First Term: Begins on 21 March 2024 at Loughborough University. Fully booked.
  • Second Term: Scheduled for 30 April 2024 at Loughborough University. Fully booked.
  • Third Term: Set to start on 25 September 2024 in Oxford. 
  • Final Term: Begins on 15 January 2025 in Sheffield. 


How to apply? 

To apply for any of the courses, register for your preferred course date.  Every LEVI eligible local authority is entitled to one OZEV-funded seat, accessed through a unique voucher code which will be emailed to them. Please decide on the appropriate participant: it’s the local authority’s responsibility to decide who is best suited to occupy the funded place.


Register here



Additional Seats 

If you require additional places or if your local authority is not LEVI eligible, you can purchase seats. 

  • For LEVI eligible local authorities: additional places can be purchased if needed. 
  • For non-LEVI eligible local authorities: seats are available for purchase. 

Registration for an additional seat


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing 

Last updated: 14 May 2024

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