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Labour will create more than 50,000 jobs in the East, former party leader claims

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Labour will create more than 50,000 jobs in the East if it wins next month’s general election, former party leader Ed Miliband has claimed.

The shadow energy secretary, who led the party between 2010 and 2015, said 56,000 energy sector jobs will be created across the region as Labour plans to “reindustrialise East Anglia”.

It comes as part of the party’s national plan for a state-owned energy company to make the country an “energy superpower” – but critics have called the idea a “gimmick”.

Ed Miliband, shadow energy secretary and former Labour leader (Image: PA)

“Labour has a plan for energy independence, to cut bills for good by investing in clean homegrown energy,” Mr Miliband said. “The benefits will be felt right across East Anglia.

“Our mission will reindustrialise East Anglia, creating 56,000 good jobs across the region as part of the biggest investment in clean energy in British history.”

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Great British Energy, Labour’s proposed state-owned energy company, would invest in renewable energy in the East, such as the production of hydrogen and nuclear energy.

Mr Miliband also said the party plans to upgrade the region’s ports and 391,000 homes in the East of England, creating thousands of jobs.

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