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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage rules revealed as divorce rumors swirl

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JENNIFER Lopez and Ben Affleck have sparked divorce rumors, yet a source has told The U.S. Sun that not being frequently spotted together at public events isn’t the potential issue with their marriage.

The insider has claimed JLo, 54, and Ben, 51, may be struggling with their relationship due to fundamental personality differences.


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have sparked divorce rumors after she attended the Met Gala soloCredit: Getty
An insider has revealed some of Ben and Jennifer's marriage rules


An insider has revealed some of Ben and Jennifer’s marriage rulesCredit: Getty

A source close to the A-list couple has broken down some of the rules they share to keep their marriage going.

“The ground rules are, Jennifer and Ben are allowed to go off and do projects, appearances and work that completely don’t involve each other, and definitely involve spending weeks at a time apart,” the insider claimed.

“These are passionate people who love to work, both of them, and love to bet on themselves and the teams they have assembled around themselves over the course of decades.

“It’s the strongest thing about their relationship [because] they’re willing to give each other a lot of space when opportunity knocks.

“They are independent people who don’t need to be with one another 24/7 like some Hollywood couples do.

“Jennifer doing the Met Gala and Ben doing the Brady Roast doesn’t look weird to people who know them,” the source confided.

JLo sparked divorce rumors when she attended the Met Gala and walked the red carpet solo.

“They give each other a lot of freedom, even when everything is great,” the insider continued.

“Ben produced and financed Jennifer’s upcoming movie ‘Unstoppable’ but he was not there on the set every day, not even close,” the source confided.


Distance is something JLo and Ben are accustomed to due to their busy schedules, but the insider has claimed their relationship struggles are not entirely unfounded.

JLo is having ‘marriage issues’ with Ben Affleck, fans suspect as they spot ‘clue’ in video of her twerking

“The fundamental difference between them is that Jennifer has an incredible golden optimism about every situation and Ben sees everything – and I mean everything – in his life as a problem that only he can solve,” the source claimed.

“She’s good at ignoring little, insignificant stuff and focusing on the big picture and he isn’t.

“Jennifer is having an undeniable career crisis on the music side of her work and she’s calmly addressing it and keeping her fingers crossed for the best possible outcome, even though things are not looking good right now and she’s getting some of the worst press of her career.

“But Jennifer can handle doing twenty crisis meetings in one day and it’s a lot harder for Ben to do that because he has to blow off steam and check in with himself more.

The insider claims the couple are independent and enjoy their 'freedom'


The insider claims the couple are independent and enjoy their ‘freedom’Credit: Getty

“That’s not changing any time soon, it’s who they are,” the insider concluded.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Jennifer and Ben’s reps for comment.


After JLo was spotted solo at the Met Gala, fans began to wonder if she and Ben were in potential deep waters in their marriage.

A source told InTouch Ben “reached a breaking point” with Jennifer and has “moved out” of their home.

That’s not changing anytime soon, it’s who they are.”

SourceThe U.S. Sun

“It’s over; they’re headed for a divorce and for once [Ben’s] not to blame,” the outlet reported.

“He’s focusing on his work and kids now,” the source claimed.

Ben shares Violet, 18, Seraphina, 15, and Samuel, 12, with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

JLo shares twins Max and Emme, 16, with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck relationship timeline

JLo and Ben were first linked together in 2002 and became engaged later that year. However, they called off the wedding just two years later. They rekindled their romance in 2021 and finally got hitched in 2022. Here is a timeline of their love story:

  • June 2002 – Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met on the set of Gigli and JLo divorced from her second husband Cris Judd
  • November 2002 – Ben proposed to JLo with a six-carat pink diamond ring
  • September 2003 – JLo and Ben called off their wedding and blamed it on ‘excessive media attention’
  • January 2004 – The celebrity couple announce they are heading separate ways
  • July 2021 – JLo posts an intimate photo of herself beside Ben and they begin dating again
  • April 2022 – Ben proposes to JLo for a second time
  • July 2022 – The celebrity couple officially celebrated their nuptials in a Las Vegas, Nevada, ceremony
  • August 2022 – Ben and JLo have a second A-list wedding at their $8.9million George estate

“Ben already moved out and they’ll likely have to sell the dream house they spent two years searching for,” the insider continued.

“They’ll never stop loving each other, but she can’t control him, and he can’t change her.

“There’s no way it could have lasted,” the insider told InTouch.


JLo and Ben were engaged twice before they got hitched in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 16, 2022.

Ben first proposed to JLo back in 2002 and had plans to wed in 2003, but the ceremony was postponed.

At the time, the couple claimed they delayed the wedding due to media attention, but there were also cheating rumors surrounding Ben.

JLo and Ben officially called off their engagement in 2004.

After both celebrities married and divorced, they rekindled their romance in 2021.

The source said it's 'normal' to see them making public appearances and working on projects apart


The source said it’s ‘normal’ to see them making public appearances and working on projects apartCredit: Getty
However, the insider revealed their 'struggles' lie in personality differences where Jennifer is an optimist


However, the insider revealed their ‘struggles’ lie in personality differences where Jennifer is an optimistCredit: Getty
The couple got hitched in 2022 after their second engagement


The couple got hitched in 2022 after their second engagementCredit: On The JLo

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