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Jennifer Aniston showcases rock-hard abs in sports bra and skintight leggings in new photos

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Jennifer Aniston has once again mesmerized fans by showcasing her toned figure in a new promotional ad for her favorite fitness brand, Pvolve. 

The Friends star has been associated with the innovative fitness brand since 2023, which blends low-impact functional exercises with resistance-based equipment to create an effective workout regimen.

In the Instagram ad, Jennifer, 55, is seen showcasing her fitness prowess using several Pvolve exercise products. 

Against a chic brown backdrop, the Morning Show actress confidently demonstrates her workout routine. 

Jennifer Aniston showcases her incredible abs in new photos

She is captured kneeling on a sleek black padded exercise mat with one leg extended, while she skillfully uses an elastic resistance band wrapped around her ankle. 

With a graceful stretch, Jennifer leans to one side, her arm reaching overhead, effortlessly holding the band in place.

Jennifer works out around three times a week

Jennifer’s athletic ensemble is both stylish and functional, highlighting her incredible physique. 

She sports a plunging white sports bra paired with high-waisted black leggings and crisp white sneakers, exuding both elegance and strength. 

Jennifer Aniston undergoes gruelling workout inside LA home

The ad’s tagline, “Fitness, evolved,” perfectly encapsulates the brand’s ethos, inviting viewers to explore the innovative fitness method that promises to transform their workout experience.

The commercial encourages fitness enthusiasts to visit the Pvolve website and discover the array of products that can elevate their fitness routines. Jennifer’s endorsement of Pvolve continues to inspire her fans, showcasing her dedication to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Jennifer models trendy workout gear

Earlier this month, Jennifer participated in a Spring challenge with Pvolve, further cementing her role as a fitness icon. 

To kick off the challenge, she displayed her enviable figure in a black sports bra and matching high-waisted leggings, her expression one of determination and focus. With her hair styled half-up, half-down, she held a Pvolve exercise ball, ready to take on the challenge.

Fans flooded the comment section with admiration and encouragement. “Our powerful girl,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “Body goals.” Others praised her as their “biggest inspiration” and expressed excitement about the challenge, saying, “This sounds fantastic.”

Jennifer Aniston poses for a mirror selfie during a workout

A few days prior, Jennifer appeared in a Well+Good video, where she performed a series of exercises. 

Clad in an all-black ensemble, including a sports bra and skintight leggings, Jennifer’s stunning figure and impressive abs were on full display. In the video, she effortlessly executed squats and leg lifts, incorporating a kettlebell to add intensity to her workout. 

The brand’s caption highlighted Jennifer’s approach to fitness, emphasizing the importance of building strength from the inside out by focusing on internal muscles like the deep core, rather than just superficial ones.

Jennifer Aniston is seen jogging while filming The Morning Show

In a recent interview with Prevention, Jennifer opened up about her fitness routine, offering valuable insights and advice. 

“I used to think ‘I have to work out every day,’” she shared. “I think it’s good to do something every single day, even if it’s just stretching, moving your body in some form, taking a walk, but a really good workout? Three to five times a week for me.”

She offered encouragement for those struggling to find motivation, suggesting a simple yet effective strategy. 

“If you’re struggling, if you find it hard, you can do anything for five minutes,” she said. “Once you just get over that first hurdle of ‘I don’t want to,’ it all kind of falls into place. I’m not a fitness guru. But that’s how I do it. If I’m really feeling unmotivated, I say, ‘Just move at least for five minutes’ and then see where you can go.”

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