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‘It isn’t a good idea!’ Property owners told to avoid bedroom mistake that deters buyers

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There are so many factors that contribute to a property’s value. Its condition and location are important, but the availability of mortgages, number of interested buyers, number of other similar homes on the market and the wider economic landscape all play their part.

According to an expert, there are also things you can do to increase or decrease your property’s value.

Real estate practitioner Leonard Botha shared a big mistake property owners can make before selling that could put off potential buyers.

The expert from YouTube’s Property With Leonard claimed that amalgamating multiple bedrooms to create one big room may become a problem when it comes to putting your property on the market.

Child jumping on her bed

With more bedrooms available, children will be able to have their own spaces


He explained: “Now this might seem like a good idea to a young couple with no children, or perhaps retirees whose children have moved out.

“But reducing the number of bedrooms in your home isn’t a good idea in terms of resale value.”

The expert explained that most buyers would be happy to buy a home with multiple bedrooms, even if they are small. With more rooms available to them, potential buyers who have children will be able to give them each a bedroom.

He added that a home with more bedrooms is more “desirable” than a home with fewer bedrooms, even if the rooms require renovations and upgrades.

He advised sellers to keep this in mind because it is “cheaper and more convenient” to upgrade an existing house than build an extension for extra bedrooms.

The expert revealed a second mistake to avoid if you’re trying to sell your property: excess carpet.

Buyers will typically be happy to buy a house with carpet in the bedrooms, even if said carpets are not to their taste.

However, carpeting throughout the home is “likely to put off many people”. He explained that this is because damage easily shows up on carpets.

Hardwood flooring is more desirable – particularly if it’s in good condition. To increase the value of your home, Leonard suggested opting for this.

There are other ways Britons can reduce their property’s value without even realising it.


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