Thursday, June 20, 2024

Immersive VR Shopping Apps : mytheresa vision pro

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Mytheresa, a global luxury e-commerce platform, has recently launched an immersive shopping experience designed for the Apple Vision Pro. This innovative venture was developed in collaboration with Obsess, a leading immersive shopping technology platform. The Mytheresa app transports users to virtual luxury shopping destinations such as Capri and Paris, where they can explore a curated selection of luxury fashion from iconic brands like Loewe, Valentino, and Saint Laurent. Utilizing the advanced capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, the app allows users to navigate through hyper-realistic environments using intuitive eye and hand movements. The distinctive yellow box emblematic of Mytheresa, along with an exclusive pattern, bookends the shopping journey, enhancing the overall luxury experience.

This follows a broader recent trend of retailers and brands making applications specifically for the Apple Vision Pro or Meta Quest 3 as virtual reality adoption continues to grow around the world.

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