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I’m a fashion editor and here’s how I spent the perfect week in Jamaica (and what I wore)

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A Jamaica holiday was calling my name to shake off the winter blues earlier this year. My birthday lands smack in the middle of January, and every year it’s become tradition to postpone the party until things get warmer or my wallet recovers. I was so over it this year and craved a change of scenery. So I dug out all my beach wear from the depths of my wardrobe, packed in some tropical outfits, and off I went to Jamaica, ready to swap my usual January blues for something way more fun and beachy.

We landed at Sandals Dunn’s River in Ocho Rios after sunset, and let me tell you, it was like walking into a paradise version of a Bob Marley song, literally. Reggae beats, vibrant colours, and the smell of jerk chicken – it was all there, wrapped up in the warm Caribbean sun. And to top it off, I got myself a multi-colour frozen margarita named ‘the Bob Marley’. Yeah, I officially switched to airplane mode right then and there.

The days on this Jamaica holiday that followed were a mix of sun-soaked laziness, all-you-can-eat feasts, and Bob Marley tunes on repeat. We did the classic pool-lounging thing and threw in some water adventures – kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkelling – you name it, all inclusive. Ate like royalty with beachside lunches and dinners that were very, very romantic. And whenever a whim struck – like my crazy idea for an ice-bath on my birthday morning – our Butler Elite service made it happen.

Jamaica was more than just a holiday; it was like hitting the reset button. Those sun-soaked days and chilled-out nights are logged in my memory. It was the ultimate cure for the January blues, kicking off the year with good vibes, good food, and a whole lot of Jamaican spirit. Life’s a beach, and I’m totally here for it.

The resort was lush and green, creating a serene haven. In the mornings we walked around taking in the natural surroundings, a perfect backdrop for showcasing the bright colours of my holiday wardrobe. PH5 dress and Saint Laurent sunglasses.

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