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I was charged £178 for one LIME in Asda – I won’t be shopping there again

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A MUM has slammed a major supermarket after she ended up being charged over £100 for a single lime.

Emma Dobson placed an order for her online shop with Asda but became the victim of a shocking tech blunder.

The mum placed an online shop with AsdaCredit: Getty
She slammed the supermarket over the situationCredit: Getty
She was charged over £100 for a limeCredit: Alamy

The mum, from Inverkeithing in Fife, was stunned when a delivery driver appeared with her shopping and she noticed the blunder.

Emma had ordered one lime on the supermarket‘s website but the receipt stuck to the solitary green fruit said she had ordered 713, reports the Dunfermline Press.

She said the driver reassured her that she wouldn’t have to pay for the insane amount of limes.

Nonetheless when the cash for the order came out of her account… she had lost £178.

Emma told the Press: “I said to the guy at the door, jokingly ‘I guess I’m not getting 713 limes then?’ and he laughed and said that it was just a system error and ‘Don’t worry you won’t be charged’. 

“But lo and behold, I checked my bank account an hour later and we had been charged!”

She immediately began trying to get the three-figure sum refunded to her.

But Emma claims managers in the shop told her there was nothing they could do and hung up on her.

She also slammed the amount of time taken to refund the cash.

Asda bosses have since given Emma her money back and offered a gesture of goodwill.

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But she has vowed she will not be returning to the supermarket, even saying she will go to Tesco instead.

She added: “I’m disappointed and shocked that this happened with such a big company.”

A spokesperson for Asda said: “We have apologised to Ms Dobson for the time it has taken for this to be resolved and are looking into what might have happened on this occasion.

“We have now processed a full refund and will be offering Ms Dobson a goodwill gesture.

“We look forward to delivering to her again in future.”

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