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I design clothes for big boobs – a happy customer canceled her breast reduction

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ALICE Kim, founder of fashion company PerfectDD, is boosting women’s confidence by helping them put their best bust forward.

Since ditching the banking world to design better-fitting clothes for those with big boobs, she has helped to uplift thousands of women — literally.

Alice Kim, founder of PerfectDD, a clothing company designed for smaller framed women with bigger busts, is shaking up the fashion industryCredit: courtesy of PerfectDD
If you have a small waist and larger chest, you’re in luck as her creations never need alterationsCredit: courtesy of PerfectDD

Kim, who has a slender frame but a larger chest, was dealing with her own insecurity issues in the workplace due to her fashion woes.

“We were required to wear button-downs and suit jackets, and I’m an extra small or small, but with a 34DD chest, and I could never close anything across my chest,” Kim told The U.S. Sun.

“I would feel insecure and not confident if the jacket was too tight, but if I sized up, it would look frumpy and bigger than I am,” she continued.

“It also appeared sloppy, so I would feel unprofessional.”

Kim, whose classic button-down is a favorite among stars like Salma Hayek and Sydney Sweeney, is definitely not letting her DD chest bring her down any longer.

“When you wear clothes that fit, your chest is no longer the first thing people see,” she said.

Kim was even more deflated after entering the fashion world, where she worked with brands such as Diane Von Furstenberg and Prada.

They might have over 1,100 brands, but even with Shop Off, the subsidiary of Amazon, she still couldn’t find clothes that fit properly.

After all, as Kim explained, women are not one size fits all — and neither are their proportions.

“We are the most inclusive brand. We fit up to an M cup,” she said.

I’m plus-size, a 36GG, & tried that viral jumpsuit – I’m genuinely shook at the fit, my jaw dropped when I saw my booty

“We are more than just our body and our chest,” she said.

Her wardrobe essentials company is designed to offer a better fit for every woman.

They even engineered their own patented button-downs so you don’t have to worry about gaping.

Prior to founding our brand, people would say, ‘You’re big’ — yes, I’m the Asian girl with big boobs.

Alice Kim

“They are basics that are elevated,” she said.

Their high-quality and versatile pieces keep customers coming back for more, with many styles continuously getting sold out.

Her styles even saved one woman from getting surgery.

Kim wanted to save women from the same struggles she dealt with by creating styles that would flatter every body typeCredit: courtesy of PerfectDD

“I had someone reach out and let me know she canceled her breast reduction because she finally felt good about her body after finding my designs,” she said.

“It’s not her body that’s the problem, it’s the industry.”

Kim also didn’t want everyone keeping track of her simply because of her bra size.

“Prior to founding our brand, people would say, ‘You’re big’ — yes, I’m the Asian girl with big boobs.

“But now that I wear clothes that I designed and fit well, they say, ‘You’re not that big’, because I look normal — because a 34DD is not that big,” she added.

Actress Sydney Sweeney is a fan of the inclusive fashion brand which offers a variety of sizesCredit: Getty

“It’s just that when clothes don’t fit properly, it draws attention to your boobs popping out, and when you’re swimming in something and look like a tent, you look bigger than you are.

“Finding clothes that fit your body gives you that automatic confidence.”

She also credits her banking background with giving her the insight to help those with bigger cup sizes.

Companies are trying to save money, but real human bodies are not proportional.

Alice Kim

“Designers love to create beautiful things, but at the end of the day, they aren’t looking at the data,” she said.

“Being an investment banker helped me to do due diligence and look at the statistics.

With mainstream and even fast fashion mostly servicing just a small segment of the female population, it’s no surprise that most women are left out from finding their perfect fit.

Her patented designs help women mind their gapeCredit: courtesy of PerfectDD

“The majority of women are actually a 34DD bra size, but the average size of a woman is between a 12 to 16,” she said.

PerfectDD goes up to a 3x and size 20 — and of course, everything in between.

Kim’s main focus continues to be investing in helping other women like her.

While many brands take shortcuts by adhering to “cookie cutter” sizing, Kim spends more money to ensure that her creations can fit all women.

She hopes that others look and feel uplifted in everything they wear from her lineCredit: courtesy of PerfectDD

“Companies are trying to save money, but real human bodies are not proportional,” she said.

Fans of the label include those who have undergone breast augmentations and usually need to invest in a new wardrobe.

“Many people who get this surgery don’t realize that their existing clothes will fit differently,” she said.

“There’s a time and a place for when you want to show your boobs and when you want to cover up a little bit.

“You don’t want to look like a potato sack — you want to wear clothes that look stylish and fit well.”

All of their clothes have a modesty component to them so that you show off as much — or as little — as you want.

“We are empowering women to look and feel their best,” she said.

She also shared her tips for styling slimmer body types with bigger chests – think sweetheart necklines and synched waistlinesCredit: courtesy of PerfectDD

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