Thursday, June 20, 2024

Hydrogen-fuelled Buses and Infrastructure in Europe

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The mission of the conference is to discuss the European Commission’s (EC) programmes, policies, initiatives and funding for hydrogen-fuelled buses and hydrogen refuelling stations (HRSs). It will evaluate the progress so far, highlight opportunities in the deployment of hydrogen-fuelled buses and development of infrastructure in Europe, provide information on procuring, financing, operating and maintaining hydrogen-fuelled buses as well as HRSs and discuss the experience so far, recent developments, best practices, issues with large-scale deployment and lessons learnt. It will also showcase noteworthy case studies and new and existing technologies. 

In light of these developments and opportunities in the segment, Global Mass Transit (GMT) is organising the fourth conference on Hydrogen-fuelled Buses and Infrastructure in Europe on December 5, 2023 at Amsterdam Marriott Hotel, The Netherlands.

Stasa Mrdovic, IRU Passenger Transport Manager, will be speaking about the perspective of transport operators on the future of hydrogen-powered buses in Europe (policies and regulations).

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