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How To Join Plantapalooza, A Free Online Plant-Based Fitness Festival

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Feeling stuck when it comes to your health and fitness? 

Between work, family, and life, it’s hard to find the time — not to mention the energy and motivation — to prioritize your health.

To help us understand the top approaches to achieving fitness no matter your stage of life, nutrition brand Complement is bringing back its popular – and completely free – Plantapalooza online festival. This year, the event is focused on helping you live your best, strongest life no matter your age. 

It’s called Plantapalooza Fit Over 40, and runs May 21-28. It’s completely free, and features in-depth discussions, meal plans, and training strategies from 20+ leading plant-based medical doctors, registered dietitians, coaches, and experts in health and fitness. 

Attendees will be able to stream the interviews on demand and join life for daily guided meditations, fitness classes, and more — all completely free. 

“It’s time we bust the myth that fitness declines with age,” Complement said while announcing the festival. “There are new considerations and challenges, sure, but with the right plan and knowledge, your physical and mental fitness can excel no matter your age…”

Why join Plantapalooza?

Adobe Stock Exercise classes will be on offer at Plantapalooza

Plantapalooza has a “single goal” of helping you live a “more energetic, strong, and happy life for longer.”

It focuses on the following areas:

  • Plant-forward nutrition
  • Sustainable fitness
  • Mindfulness
  • Happiness and community

Some of the headliners and contributors you can learn from at the festival include:

  • Rip Esselstyn, NYT bestselling author and founder of PLANTSTRONG, on building fitness into your lifestyle through sport, community, and fun
  • Drew Harrisberg, exercise physiologist, on living stronger for longer: strength training for longevity
  • Dr Poonam Desai, DO, precision and lifestyle medicine physician, on living fully: secrets for a vibrant, connected, and fit life
  • Dr Will Bulsiewicz, NYT bestselling author & gastroenterologist, on the microbiome-fitness connection: how long-term fitness starts in your gut
  • Kris Carr, NYT bestselling author, wellness leader, and cancer thriver, on turning struggles into strengths to live your happiest life
  • Ocean Robbins, Food Revolution Network CEO, on pairing habits: how to maximize benefits by building a foundation of healthy habits
  • Dotsie Bausch, Olympic athlete and founder of Switch4Good, on the Olympian’s mindset to fitness, nutrition, and longevity
  • Dr Darren Candow, PHD, CSEP-CEP, professor and scientific advisor, on the longevity, fitness and energy benefits of creatine for plant-based eaters

To see the full line-up and claim your free Plantapalooza ticket, visit the Plantapalooza website

How to get tickets to Plantapalooza

If you sign up to Plantapalooza today, you’ll get instant access to a VIP toolkit, which includes the following (plus, much more): 

  • The Plant-Based Fitness Cookbook, featuring recipes from Darin Olien, Dotsie Bausch, Drew Harrisberg, Dr Will Bulsiewicz, Matt Frazier, Kris Carr, and more
  • A 10-minute workout routine for insulin sensitivity by Cyrus Khambatta, of Mastering Diabetes
  • Bigger, Stronger, Fitter 8-week fitness programme by Drew Harrisberg
  • 5k Race Kit, How To Run Your First 4k by Matt Frazier
  • Brain Food, 8 Superfoods Your Brain Will Love by Ocean Robbins

All VIP ticket holders will be able to stream the interviews and download the resources to use both during the event and after. 

Get your free Plantapalooza ticket here

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