Monday, June 24, 2024

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Overview: anything can happen this week! Monday’s Sun-Uranus conjunction in Taurus reminds us that change and uncertainty are the only constants. Venus forms a supportive sextile to Saturn in Pisces on Tuesday, helping us find stability in our relationships. On Wednesday, Mercury enters Taurus, inspiring us to live by our values for the highest security there is. Finally, on Saturday, a Venus-Uranus conjunction brings coincidences and surprises in our relationships, which can be very exciting, a bit anxiety-inducing, and sexy.

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Heal from the past in the present, Aries. Tuesday’s Venus-Saturn sextile gives you an emotionally corrective experience in a new relationship. Mercury enters your Taurus-ruled income zone on Thursday, helping you improve your financial literacy. This weekend, be on the lookout for new ideas, paths, and strategies for financial freedom under the Venus-Uranus conjunction in Taurus.

Happy birthday, Taurus! Your friends show up for you in a powerful way during Tuesday’s Venus-Saturn sextile. Mercury enters your sign on Thursday, inspiring you to approach your cognition and communication skills in a powerful new way. This Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction wants to give you a romantic surprise, so have hope and faith while paying attention to what’s around you!

Be here now, Gemini. Tuesday’s Venus-Saturn sextile is a gentle challenge to stay in the present with whoever you’re with. Mercury enters your Taurus-ruled closure zone on Thursday, distancing you from the shadows of the past. A surprising Venus-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on Saturday gives you a breakthrough moment for closure and helps you move on with more optimism.

It’s all about community, Cancer. A supportive Venus-Saturn sextile on Tuesday connects you with your most supportive friendships. Mercury enters your Taurus-ruled socialisation sector on Thursday, reconnecting you with the people you’ve missed. Under this weekend’s joyful Venus-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, reach out to your people and let the magic unfold.

Feelings are data, not directives, Leo. Tuesday’s Venus-Saturn sextile gives you emotional insight on a career concern, but doesn’t call for immediate action. Mercury enters your Taurus-ruled career zone on Thursday, giving you professional insight and ambition that needs to be implemented. A Venus-Uranus conjunction on Saturday reveals a new strategy through a professional relationship, so stay alert and curious.

Relationships are stories, Virgo. Tuesday’s Venus-Saturn sextile wants you to see which ones need to be written and edited. Mercury enters your Taurus-ruled exploration zone on Thursday, which helps you follow your curiosity for curiosity’s sake. A Venus-Uranus conjunction on Saturday wants you to take a little holiday if you can.

Intimacy is in the details, Libra. Tuesday’s Venus-Saturn sextile helps you see how eroticism is experienced in micro moments over time. Mercury enters your Taurus-ruled intimacy zone on Thursday, helping you approach deeper, more trustworthy relationships. A sexy Venus-Uranus conjunction on Saturday wants you to try something new when it comes to sex and dating for amazing results.

Don’t conceal, reveal, Scorpio! Tuesday’s Venus-Saturn sextile reminds you that vulnerability and telling the truth are the only ways to get what you want. Mercury enters your Taurus-ruled romance zone on Thursday, giving your communication skills a big boost. This weekend’s Venus-Uranus conjunction inspires you to negotiate across differences in a powerful way.

It’s the simple things, Sag. Tuesday’s Venus-Saturn sextile attunes your attention to small, simple things as a strategy for success. Mercury enters your Taurus-ruled wellbeing zone on Thursday, inspiring you to return to routines and habit formation for health. This weekend’s Venus-Uranus conjunction is a wonderful time to remember you’re a human being, not a human doing, so give yourself the space to just be.

All connections are communication, Capricorn. Tuesday’s Venus-Saturn sextile inspires you to see how the way you love is expressed in language. Mercury enters your Taurus-ruled creativity zone on Thursday, giving you a chance to own your creative gifts and abilities. This weekend’s Venus-Uranus conjunction wants you to share what’s on your heart in a big way with someone who needs to hear it.

What are your values, Aquarius? Tuesday’s Venus-Saturn sextile helps you lean into your values in a way that keeps your heart and integrity safe. Mercury enters your Taurus-ruled emotional intelligence sector on Thursday, giving you the chance to speak your feels in real-time. This weekend’s Venus-Uranus conjunction asks for a cozy, relaxing night that gives you the rest you deserve.

Structure creates empathy, Pisces! Tuesday’s Venus-Uranus sextile motivates you to put more structure in dialogue to activate empathy. Mercury enters your Taurus-ruled communication zone on Thursday, asking for more open-ended questions and reflective listening. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction is an invitation for mindfulness, critical awareness, and skepticism towards thoughts that give you stress.

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