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Handling 3,975 Online Gambling Cases Since 2022, The National Police Have Confiscated Assets Worth IDR 817.4 Billion

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JAKARTA – The National Police stated that cyber ranks from the Bareskrim level to the Regional Police had been disclosing online gambling cases intensively since 2022.

Director of Cyber Crime (Dirtipidsiber) Bareskrim Polri Brigadier General Pol. Himawan Bayu Aji said his party had taken action throughout Indonesia up to 3,975 cases with the last three years there were 5,982 suspects, and the sites that were blocked for the last three years were 40,642 sites.

“As well as accounts frozen 4,196 and assets confiscated Rp817.4 billion,” Himawan said quoting Antara.

The National Police, he said, had taken concrete steps in eradicating online gambling before the Online Gambling Eradication Task Force was formed by the President based on Presidential Decree No. 21 of 2024 which was issued in Jakarta on June 14, 2024.

In the Online Judi Eradication Task Force, National Police Chief General Pol. Listyo Sigit Prabowo served as daily head of law enforcement, and Kabareskrim Komjen Pol. Wahyu Widada as deputy chairman of the law enforcement daily.

On April 30, 2024, National Police Chief General Pol. Listyo Sigit Prabowo gave instructions and directions to all ranks via a telegram letter from the National Police Chief to increase law enforcement against online gambling actors.

Following up on the direction of the National Police Chief, Bareskrim and the Regional Police carried out the disclosure of online gambling cases during the period from April 23 to July 17 as many as 318 cases and arrested 464 suspects. Confiscated evidence in the form of a total of Rp67 billion, 494 cell phones, 36 laptop units, 257 accounts and 98 online gambling accounts and 296 ATM cards.

The disclosures that have just been made are three online gambling sites, namely 1XBET, W88 and Liga Ciputra, by arresting 18 suspects. It is estimated that from the three online gambling sites the circulation of money reached Rp1,041 trillion.

Himawan explained that the three online gambling sites that were revealed could be accessed in other countries and also Indonesia. So this case is related between several countries.

Website 1XBET where the modus operandi of the suspects works collectively to commit unlawful acts providing means of a deposit and withdraw payment system. The circulation of 1XBET money for the period December 2023 to approximately three months reached Rp35 billion rupiah,” he said.

In the 1XBET case, the National Police arrested nine suspects consisting of six men and three women in the jurisdictions of Semarang, Jakarta and Medan, on March 7, 2024.

“Their activities are how they use to store money or we call it money laundry,” said Himawan.

Gambling activities on the 1XBET and W88 sites began with the registration of deposits for members carried out based on displayed websites or websites that can be accessed by the public. Then after the deposit is made, it is sent to a foreign country.

“We obtained evidence of shipments from expeditions of payment tools used in other countries accessed by other countries but they can be used for transfers to some of the digital assets used,” he said.

Then, from outside countries sent to exchangeers (exchanges), can be done in money changers, from there sent again to money changers in Batam.

“Money changer used to exchange from rupiah is exchanged for digital assets in cryptocurrency, making it easier for shipments from Indonesia to other countries,” he explained.

Furthermore, the digital assets were sent back to the exchangers who were abroad and the digital assets were used or disbursed by suspects in foreign countries.

“This is the flow that we can convey from the results of the examination of the suspects that we conducted from two websites, namely 1XBET and W88,” said Himawan.

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