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Getting the EU’s digital infrastructures ready for tomorrow’s world

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The Commission has set out several actions to help ensure that the EU meets its 2030 digital infrastructure targets. Europe’s future competitiveness depends on such infrastructures being innovative and resilient. And fast, secure, and widespread connectivity is crucial if we are to deploy the technologies that will bring us into tomorrow’s world. This concerns innovations like telemedicine, automated driving, artificial intelligence, or smart buildings. 

The proposed actions and recommendations say that:  

1. We should foster a vibrant community of European innovators. This means we need to develop more and better integrate connectivity, as well as computing infrastructure where we can work together. A network to collaborate on this should be also set up.  

2. We must realise the full potential of the digital single market for telecoms. This could be done by considering measures to ensure a true level playing field. We should also rethink the application and goals of the current rules. 

3. We must assess and reduce security risks of critical infrastructures, such as submarine cables. This could be done through a Cable Security Toolbox. Over 99% of intercontinental data traffic is carried through submarine cables. Several islands in Europe are highly dependent on such cables for intra-EU communications.  

The actions put forward aim to start a discussion on concrete proposals with stakeholders, Member States and like-minded partners on how to shape future EU policies. The Commission has launched a public consultation on 12 scenarios that is open until 30 June 2024. 

To ensure that our digital transition is successful, the EU set specific targets to be reached by 2030. Fast, secure, and widespread connectivity is essential for the deployment of the technologies that will bring us into tomorrow’s world. 

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