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Fashion trends for the summer  

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With summer only a few weeks away, it’s time to pack away the spring clothes and break out the ones for this new season. Trends are fickle, but with students already showcasing their summer wardrobes, there is an insight into what styles will trend.  


The list is endless, from skirts, purses, tops, and dresses to crocheting. Because it is so accessible to make yourself and because the number of crochet outfits worn is rising, crocheting will be one of the summer’s top trends.  


While the coquette style has been trending for a while, it hasn’t lost its momentum. Fans of the style can still see it worn throughout the summer in moderation, sporting its signature look: bows. Coquette is a fun style with many different options and can be a nice way to experiment with fashion this summer.  


Sheer clothing has found itself on the runway and thus onto this summer’s fashion. From bags to tops, skirts, and more, sheer is a cooling fashion trend that you will see a lot of this summer.  


This will be seen in longer skirts, dresses, and shirts, but looser-fitting clothes are more popular this year.  


Jean skirts are especially worn in high volumes, but jean vests and pants are also in. Basically, everything denim, even worn together, will be a great style for the summer.  

Plain or floral patterns.  

The plainer and more basic look is in for this summer, but the floral pattern is also rising. Florals are seen more in women’s fashion, while men’s fashion typically has a plainer look.  

White and light colors.  

Summer has always seen a rise in white clothing, especially with graduation season. Lighter colors are also popular this summer.  

The “Adam Sandler” look.  

Adam Sandler has always been a fashion icon, and this summer, his style is hitting the streets with baggier clothing and basketball shorts, which are becoming a trend with both men and women. Some will even sport a large, oversized belt with this look.  

Tote bags.  

Purses will be packed away for this summer because tote bags are once again rising to the top. Tote bags have many different style options, making this the perfect bag for all summer. 

“Mama Mia” fashion.  

The popular movie “Mama Mia” inspired a lot of summer fashion. Long, loose skirts, floral patterns, and white are all big in the movie. This style combines many of the trends already listed and can fit into this category.

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