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Fashion fans groan at ‘tacky’ 2016 trend comeback… there’s already Shein dupes

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ONE of 2016’s biggest trends is experiencing a revival… and it’s left fashion fans cringing. 

While some fashionistas are grateful to rummage through their wardrobes for a chance to take part again, some armchair critics are calling the trend “tacky”. 

Can you spot the returning trend on Bella Hadid?Credit: Getty
Loose Women star Frankie Bridge was known to sport the trend back in its heydayCredit: Alamy
The New York Post has declared that the “ugly” Gucci accessory as officially back in fashion.Credit: Reuters

The once-viral Gucci double-G belts experienced their first revival in 2016 when then-creative director Alessandro Michele weaved them into his debut collection.

And now, a mere eight years later, the GG Marmont belt is back in the spotlight. 

So much so, The New York Post has declared that the “ugly” accessory as officially back in fashion. 

The logo belts were considered a status symbol for trendy dressers during their heyday. 

But with women’s versions priced at £320 for a thin strap and over £400 for wider leather, they weren’t an accessible style for many. 

The most popular style was black leather with the gold, interlocked double G. 

In true fast fashion style, retailers like PrettyLittleThing and Shein were quick to release their renditions for a fraction of the cost. 

Dupes of the designer belt featured more obscure G shapes, circles or two half moons interlocked, as to not totally rip-off the original Gucci design. 


The iconic design appears to be making a resurgence in 2024, with an increasing number of A-listers recently seen sporting it. 

Bella Hadid was papped wearing one during a New York City outing in May. 

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Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus wore a skinnier version in the trailer for her upcoming interview on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.

The fashion whizzes behind popular social media account, Data But Make It Fashion, took to Instagram to “analyse” the return of iconic belt. 

But their post caused a fierce debate in the comments. 

“This belt doesn’t deserve a resurgence,” Tania Jain slammed.

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Versions of the GG Marmont belt start at £320Credit: Net-A-Porter

“The most tacky thing ever,” another critic penned.

Others claimed the “G stands for gaudy” and labelled the belt as the “white refrigerator of accessories”.

Others were a bit more welcoming to the belt’s return to fashion.

“It’s because we all bought one and we don’t want to waste it sitting in our closet so we’re gonna wear it again,” one shoppers claimed.

“It’s a cute belt but I think it stopped being used because of the amount of fakes that were around,” another theorised. 

Alongside fakes and replicas from bygone days, there’s already dupes on fast fashion websites for the belt’s 2024 resurgence. 

Shein is selling two-packs (where you can get black and brown pleather versions) for a cool £5.75 – working out at £2.88 a pop. 

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