Saturday, June 22, 2024

Episode 80 — Energy & Infrastructure: Why Is Energy Tech So Attractive to Venture Capital?

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As the energy tech sector continues to mature, venture capital offers an increasingly a viable path to growth as emerging energy tech companies seek to disrupt the energy space, often following a fundraising and growth trajectory similar to software and AI. Energy tech provides opportunities for financial institutions and strategic partners to invest early in the company and also at the project level, addressing the capital-intensive needs of emerging companies through innovative funding structures. Additionally, energy tech companies and their investors face unique challenges, including heightened regulatory hurdles, permitting requirements, and environmental risks, which place additional importance on setting precedent with an initial project’s finance and design.

In this episode of Connected With Latham, partners Scott Craig, Josh Bledsoe, and Spencer Ricks break down how the energy tech sector has set itself apart from other emerging companies. They also discuss the latest trends in energy tech funding, the risks that entrepreneurs face in raising capital, and how emerging companies and their investors can best navigate the complexities of project development.

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