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England stars’ clothes spill onto tarmac as bungling baggage handlers drop bags

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ENGLAND stars saw their clothes sit on the tarmac before they jetted off to Germany for Euro 2024.

The Three Lions get their campaign underway on Sunday against Serbia.

England star’s clothes were left scattered on the runwayCredit: Splash
A baggage handler even trampled on a white t-shirtCredit: Splash
Clumsy staff rushed to pick the luggage up off the floorCredit: Splash
England flew from Birmingham Airport to Erfurt Weimar AirportCredit: Splash
Boxes got crushed as they were transported to the terminalCredit: Splash

England prepared for the opener at the St George’s Park training base and met Prince William before heading off to Birmingham Airport yesterday.

Gareth Southgate’s squad boarded a plane to Erfurt Weimar Airport – just a 40 minute drive away from their luxury base in Blankenhain.

But players were in for a shock if they glanced out the windows and looked at the runway.

Several stars’ clothes were left laying on the tarmac as clumsy airport staff rushed to pick them up.

White t-shirts and black hoodies were scattered across the ground before being loaded into the hold.

Bags were spotted leaning out of trolleys as cardboard boxes were stacked on top of each other and appeared to be getting crushed.

A suitcase had even toppled onto the floor and a t-shirt was stepped on by a baggage handler.

England are not the only people to suffer a nightmare at Birmingham Airport this week as lengthy waits have seen holidaymakers stuck in queues tailing back outside the terminal.



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There has seemingly been confusion over passengers incorrectly believing a new 100ml liquid procedure has been rolled out.

In May, Birmingham Airport introduced a £60million “state-of-the-art” security hall which allows travellers to carry liquids of up to two litres.

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But the new system is yet to be approved.

But one in five bags passing through failed to get the green light from security and led to delays between 20 and 70 minutes.

Soon after landing, England players made their way to the five-star Weimarer Land Spa and Golf resort.

The luxury venue has football pitches, 45 golf holes, a gym, spa, swimming pool, treatment and conference rooms, as well a games area and two Michelin-star restaurants.


England cases were pilled up onto a trolleyCredit: Splash
A suitcase fell off the buggy on the way to the planeCredit: Splash
Three Lions stars headed for their five-star resort after landingCredit: Splash
England kick-off their campaign on Sunday against SerbiaCredit: Splash

Meet the ROBOT waiter looking after England stars at the Euros

ENGLAND stars will be served by a ROBOT called Robbie at the Euros.

Robbie is a key part of 160-strong staff at the vast 350-acre leisure site at Blankenhain, eastern Germany, where Gareth Southgate’s squad will be staying for the tournament.

The real-life WALL-E – kitted out in a Germany shirt with the name Kehrbart and the squad number 24 on it – helps out in the restaurant.

Robbie, with flashing blue eyes, says phrases in German including “Excuse me” and “Please let me get on with my work” as he collects dishes from guests at one of the hotel’s six restaurants.

A source told The Sun: “Robbie is usually a slate grey colour with flashing blue eyes and helps staff deliver plates and dishes.

“But the German team stayed at the hotel recently so he was given a new look and new name to support them.

“I’m not sure whether the England team will want to change his look when they arrive but a Three Lions shirt and an English name might be a good idea.”

Find out all about Robbie the robot waiter…

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