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England fans at risk of being attacked by ‘violence-seeking Serbian hooligans’ in fresh Euro 2024 concerns

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Police have warned England supporters that hundreds of ‘Serbian hooligans’ are expected to arrive in Germany ahead of their Euro 2024 clash.

Germany is bracing itself for football fans from all over the continent arriving for the major football tournament.

It’s been estimated that around 40,000 English fans are expected to arrive in Germany this week for their opening group game against Serbia.

The Balkans country are expected to have up to 8,000 supporters arrive in the country to show their support.

Thousands of England fans will be in Germany for the Euros


But the match between Serbia and England has been designated as a ‘high risk’ tie by UEFA due to concerns over fan trouble.

Gelsenkirchen chief of police, Peter Both, has raised concerns that hundreds of Serbian thugs are expected to arrive in Germany.

“Up to 400 or 500 ­violence-seeking ­Serbian ­hooligans will travel to ­Germany, but we don’t know it exactly and so that’s our problem at the moment,” he told the Guardian.

“I guess the biggest challenge for us will be to identify violent, disruptive groups at an early stage, to separate them from peaceful and law-abiding fans, that will be our biggest challenge.”

Both also added that there had been ‘brilliant’ cooperation with British authorities.

However, he admitted that the same couldn’t be said in terms of the communication levels with Serbian officials.

“It’s not as good, like the cooperation with England, but it’s OK,” he said.

England fans without tickets are being encouraged to head to the fan zone at Trabrennbahn racecourse as opposed to congregating in the city centre to avoid overcrowding.

German police will be on alert

German police will be on alert


There have been some concerns that some English fans will cross the line with offensive songs such as ‘Ten German Bombers’.

Both called it a ‘stupid song’, but said officers won’t make any arrests if the chant is sung.

He said: “We will approach all the English supporters with an open mind, and I expect all my colleagues to treat them fairly and proportionately, and we only will intervene in the event of any criminal or public safety incident.


Gareth Southgate will be hoping to get off to a strong start in their group

Gareth Southgate will be hoping to get off to a strong start in their group


“The chanting of Ten German Bombers is not criminal. It’s not forbidden in Germany. It’s stupid.

“It’s a stupid song. The English national coach said about that and he’s absolutely right. It’s ridiculous. It’s a stupid song, but it’s not forbidden.”

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