Monday, June 17, 2024

Elevating the potential of rural youth: Paths to Decent Jobs and Sustainable Futures

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The ILO policy brief addresses the urgent need to create decent jobs for rural youth by examining both the demand and supply sides of the rural labour market. It highlights the specific barriers rural youth face, such as limited access to skills development and productive resources, exacerbated by structural deficiencies. At the same time, it underscores the potential of the agri-food sector and rural areas for job creation. And the important role of rural youth, alongside all age groups, in driving the future of rural areas by acquiring skills, adopting new technologies, and leading the transition to green and digital transformation.

In setting the path forward, the brief emphasizes the importance of using integrated approaches that are gender-sensitive, rights-based, and underpinned by social dialogue to unlock the potential of rural youth.

Capitalizing on the lessons learned from the IFAD-sponsored ProAgro YOUTH and JOY projects, the brief outlines various policy actions and recommendations to foster a policy? environment conducive to rural youth employment. These include enhancing rural infrastructure and connectivity, promoting social protection measures, and ensuring access to education and training programs tailored to market needs. The brief advocates as well for diversifying rural economies by leveraging opportunities in the green and blue economies, agribusiness, and rural non-farm sectors. Importantly, it also stresses the importance of effective partnerships to advance coordinated efforts among stakeholders, including government bodies, employers and workers organizations and youth organizations, to create sustainable job opportunities and address the unique challenges faced by rural youth.

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