Friday, June 21, 2024

Dreams Become Reality in Equinix Digital Infrastructure Spots | LBBOnline

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Today, Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company, unveils its first campaign since naming VCCP US, the challenger agency for challenger brands, strategic and creative agency of record. 

The campaign addresses the breach between dreams and realities, sheds light on the leg work that goes into the actualisation of the day every business owner dreams of, whether it’s marked by hitting a billion users worldwide, making that acquisition announcement, or developing a life-changing technology. 

Through this new platform, Equinix invites companies to open the digital tomorrow by turning their biggest dreams, visionary goals, and innovative ideas for their businesses into realities. 

The hero 30-second spot, ‘Bring Your Dreams,’ tells the story of Lisa, whose fintech start up idea stemmed from a universal desire among her peers to invest in companies aligned with their values. The spot begins on the day her company hit a billion users worldwide and transitions back to when she was hoping to turn her company’s data into growth. It illustrates Lisa bringing her dream to Equinix, which provided the expertise, partners, and infrastructure to make it a reality.

Another 30-second spot features Matt, a key player at a mid-level start up at the forefront of healthcare AI. Matt helped build an AI-driven platform analysing vast healthcare data to identify potential health risks and suggest interventions. The spot illustrates how Equinix helps bring Matt’s dreams to life by providing private AI, cloud networking, and scalable infrastructure.

“Tech like private AI and cloud networking might seem abstract and unidentifiable, but going forward they are going to transform almost every part of how we do business. We set out to underscore the human impact of those technological benefits,” said Joel Kaplan, executive creative director at VCCP. “Through emotional storytelling and a fresh visual identity system, this campaign shows  Equinix can serve as a partner in helping dreams become realities.” 

The campaign positions Equinix as a partner in the product development cycle, turning dreams into reality every day. The campaign is live across CTV, OLV, social, audio and sponsored content in the US, London, and Toronto.

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