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Dan Norris will ‘do both jobs’ as Metro Mayor and MP

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On Monday, the 412 Labour MPs elected in last week’s landslide general election met at Church House in Westminster. The morning after, the new Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister met with England’s 12 regional mayors at No. 10. But Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner were not the only people in both meetings.

Dan Norris is now both a Metro Mayor and an MP. After losing his seat to Jacob Rees-Mogg in 2010, Mr Norris spent 11 years away from frontline politics before being elected West of England Metro Mayor in 2021. In last week’s General Election, he ran against Sir Jacob to win back his old seat (now redrawn and renamed North East Somerset and Hanham), winning it by just over 5,000 votes and later stating: “We got Mogg-xit done.”

But this leaves Mr Norris with two major political jobs to do. Now, speaking to ITV News West Country outside No. 10, he has confirmed he will “do both jobs” — at least for the next ten months.

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Before the election, Mr Norris had said he intended to do both jobs if elected. But, speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service late at night on Thursday after finding out he had won his old seat back, he said: “I now have to get some sleep and then reflect on what has happened and work out how I can best serve the people of North East Somerset and Hanham and the West of England.”

Now he has said he will remain Metro Mayor, at least for the remainder of his term which runs until May 2025, and hinted he was considering running for Metro Mayor again if he found it was possible to do both jobs.

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He told ITV News West Country: “Until at least next May I will do both jobs. And that makes sense because to call a byelection when you’ve got an electorate of about a million people is a hugely expensive thing, to have an election only to have it a few months later would be nonsensical.

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