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Canada Water Masterplan: What is happening with Surrey Quays Shopping Centre? – Southwark News

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Surrey Quays Shopping Centre will not be demolished until the new Tesco is built, British Land confirms.

The Canada Water Masterplan is well underway, with phase one of the project nearly complete.

Part of the plan will involve knocking down the Surrey Quays Shopping Centre and building a new town centre.

Despite news that The Range would be closing this month, British Land revealed that the shopping centre itself is not due to be demolished for ‘several years.’

A British Land spokesperson said: “To ensure the continuity of trade in the area, the final demolition of the shopping centre will not occur until the new Tesco Extra is completed.

“This is unlikely to be ready until late 2028-2029.”

However, they added that some sections ‘may be closed before others.’

Why is The Range closing?

The Range took the lease at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre in 2018. According to British Land, a condition of the lease was that it could be ended ‘at any point’ by either side as long as enough notice was given.

They were served a notice to leave by British Land and are due to close on Sunday 19 May.

The Range in Canada Water will close soon and it won’t be replaced

Will other businesses be served a notice to leave?

British Land told us that ‘no similar notices are planned.’ They added that no businesses will be offered ‘definite’ re-sites meaning none of the shops are guaranteed to return.

However, over one million square feet of retail space is being created as a result of this development.

British Land said they would work with all their occupiers to understand their future plans.

What will replace The Range?

The developer said the unit would be ‘refitted’ with leisure facilities and restaurants ‘by the Autumn.’

“At the heart of our proposals is creating a space that is useable and accessible, with opportunities for enrichment for all members of the community.”

They said details of what will be on offer will be ‘provided soon.’

What is phase one and when will it be complete?

Phase one of the masterplan began construction in 2021 and is due to be completed in late 2024.

It includes:

Plot A1 – The car park by the dock offices (opposite Canada Water Station)

  • 35-storey residential tower with 186 homes
  • Workspace (118,000 sq ft)
  • Eating, drinking and shopping space (10,000 sq ft)

Plot A2

  • New leisure centre (55,000 sqft)
  • Workspace (182,000 sq ft)
  • Eating, drinking, and shopping space (10,000 sq ft)

Plot K1 – on Roberts Close

  • 79 ‘affordable homes’
  • The New Paper Garden: a circular economy building – and the largest Cordwood construction in the UK.
  • TEDI-London – higher education provider for future engineers

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