Thursday, July 25, 2024

AXUS Announces Project Expedition Integration for Travel Planning

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Northstar Travel Group has revealed that AXUS, its itinerary building and collaboration system, will now allow users to import activities, tours and excursions from Project Expedition.  This integration aims to streamline the travel planning process for travel advisors, destination management companies (DMCs), and tour operators. (Note: Northstar Travel Group is the parent company of TravelAge West.)

The new partnership enables AXUS users to import both confirmed and proposed items from Project Expedition in addition to initiating an automated email drip campaign to select clients. When activated, this campaign notifies the Project Expedition team, who then promote activities via email on the agent’s behalf, using the advisor’s branding and unique affiliate link to ensure commission attribution.

“Project Expedition’s integration with AXUS is an exciting milestone for our segment of the industry, because this connection will empower travel advisors with several new features that make it easier for them to sell tours and excursions, and seamlessly incorporate those bookings into existing itineraries,” said Rob Keen, co-founder at Project Expedition.

“This new integration is extending and simplifying the ability for our AXUS users to incorporate tours and excursions with increased efficiency and greater convenience,” added Greg Wilshire, Senior Business Development Director for AXUS.

The integration also allows travel advisors to import Project Expedition’s content directly into AXUS, reducing manual data entry and speeding up itinerary creation. The automated email drip campaign feature enables advisors to maintain communication with clients, share personalized itineraries with embedded referral links and potentially earn additional commission.

“The automated email drip campaign feature is a game-changer, allowing our users to engage clients more effectively and drive additional revenue effortlessly,” Wilshire said.

Editor’s note: This article was generated by AI, based on a press release from AXUS. It was reviewed by a TravelAge West editor.

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