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appCD Expands Infrastructure from Code with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda

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Developers Streamline Deployment Process and Enhance Productivity with appCD

SAN FRANCISCO, July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — appCD today announced its generative Infrastructure from Code solution now supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda. With appCD, enterprise teams using AWS Lambda for event-driven applications can now auto-generate Infrastructure as Code (IaC) files directly from their application source code, streamlining the deployment process and ensuring compliance with industry best practices.

“We are committed to continuously expanding our solution to support new languages, cloud platforms, and deployment services,” stated Asif Awan, co-founder and CPO of appCD. “By removing the burden of IaC, we empower developers to maximize their productivity and creativity, ensuring their deployments are precise and secure. appCD offers developers a streamlined and accelerated way to deploy serverless applications. With appCD, organizations can fully leverage the power of AWS Lambda, while making the deployment process smoother and faster.”

appCD’s generative Infrastructure from Code solution transforms application code into the necessary IaC files, incorporating cloud best practices, security, and compliance requirements. Developers using AWS Lambda find appCD incredibly valuable. By automating the creation of IaC files, appCD frees developers from the need to write infrastructure code, enabling them to focus on their main tasks. This is especially helpful for those who are not infrastructure experts or prefer not to handle the intricacies of infrastructure provisioning.

Although AWS Lambda simplifies the deployment of event-driven applications, tasks such as configuring and provisioning resources, managing authentication, defining event sources, and ensuring security can still be challenging. These tasks often result in deployment delays, knowledge gaps, and policy uncertainties. appCD addresses these challenges by automating IaC generation, creating a deployment architecture visualization from the analyzed code. This ensures that deployments are fast, secure, and compliant right from the beginning.

To learn more, please read our recent blogs and to try appCD, visit www.appcd.com.

About appCD
appCD, leading provider of Generative Infrastructure from Code, is enabling every organization to securely deploy applications without delay by being application-centric, cloud agnostic and developer-first. appCD removes the burden of infrastructure as code by auto-generating it from the application with golden standards applied. appCD is backed by notable venture capital firms Thomvest Ventures, Westwave, FireBolt, and Secure Octane. For further information, please visit www.appCD.com.

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