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A network infrastructure platform for the digital era

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Digital infrastructures are being put under increasing strain as enterprises look to disruptive technologies, such as Generative Artificial Intelligence, to propel their businesses forward. A webinar hosted by IDC and Orange Business examines what enterprises need to do to ensure that their digital infrastructure is fit for the future.

The challenge that enterprises face in deploying disruptive technologies is that they rely on a cloud-based, distributed operating model. This requires guaranteed connectivity and the ability to move quickly, while providing fast access to data. And while this can help companies grow and innovate, it also exposes them to new security threats, and the infrastructure itself is getting more complex.

When choice isn’t necessarily a good thing

On one hand, enterprises can, in theory, build an IT and network technology stack to meet their unique needs. Whether developing applications and services or acquiring the appropriate environments and networks, businesses have never had such a choice. Best-in-class vendors are ready and willing to develop solutions to support enterprises in achieving their goals.

Of course, this unfettered choice brings with it challenges as well. The solutions, designed to be plug-and-play, rarely integrate with other vendors’ services without significant work and come with rapid upgrade cycles. This means enterprises require teams with the right skills to deploy and operate all the solutions, at odds with the apparent simplicity of the services.

And these skills often aren’t readily available: 36% of organizations said a lack of skills was most likely to slow down transformation initiatives.

Not all connectivity is equal

In addition, companies should not assume connectivity is consistent globally. To get online in one country could require different costs, provider approaches, and service levels to that of another location.

This will particularly affect multinational organizations, with identifying the right local service provider just the first step. There’s also installation, security, troubleshooting and support to be navigated, along with aligning it with wider organizational processes.

Third, there is the edge to factor in. Investment in cloud models for consuming IT and other services will only grow, critical as it is to enabling digital-first operations. However, the likes of sensors, SD-WAN boxes, routers, local firewalls, factories, shops or regional offices all need local management and a secure, guaranteed connection between edge and cloud.

Where does this leave enterprises? Facing a growing gap between their strategic objectives and what can be achieved with existing infrastructure.

That’s not to say companies are complacent about the need to transform. They know that having the right digital backbone is critical; it’s just that for many, that awareness only goes as far as applications and environments; rarely does it encompass the need to overhaul connectivity and evolve network infrastructure. That includes how these services are consumed.

Most businesses are well versed in acquiring and using IT via cloud and as-a-service, but networks have been slower to transition to this state. Yet network-as-a-service offerings not only align with how companies acquire technology, but also provide the flexibility, agility and scalability they need.

How you can build a network infrastructure for the digital era

What does that look like to you? It’s a question many are wrestling with and one we aim to answer with our webinar with IDC.

Join Orange Business VP Marketing Connectivity Pierre Marie Binvel and IDC’s guest speaker, Research Vice President Future of Digital Infrastructure Mary Johnston Turner, for an immersive session unveiling how you can tackle the challenges facing your infrastructure deployments and master the future of your business.

In particular, they’ll discuss:

  • What’s driving the need for new types of network infrastructure services
  • The challenges disruptive technologies such as Generative Artificial Intelligence present
  • What a network infrastructure platform for the digital era looks like

Gain insights and discover how your infrastructure can boost your organization as you grow in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

Find out more and listen to the recording.

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