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21 Of Zendaya’s Best Vintage Moments To Date

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Zendaya is known for delivering stand-out vintage moments on the red carpet, from ’80s Yves Saint Laurent to Noughties Versace. Indeed, while on the Dune: Part Two press tour, the actor – together with image architect Law Roach – cemented her status as queen of the archives, after she stepped out in a hard-to-top Thierry Mugler fembot suit from the designer’s autumn/winter 1995 haute couture collection at the London premiere, followed by a Givenchy by Alexander McQueen “circuit board” look from autumn/winter 1999 in Seoul.

For the Challengers press tour, British Vogue’s May 2024 cover star has again opted for a series of archival looks, ranging from a green and white checkerboard coat from Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer 2013 collection by Marc Jacobs to the Vivienne Westwood vest and bustled skirt (recalling one of Carrie Bradshaw’s famous looks) from spring/summer 1994. Staying on the tennis theme, she also sported a white collared miniskirt from Ralph Lauren’s spring/summer 1992 collection, originally worn on the runway by Cindy Crawford (you should know by now that Z and Roach love a fashion reference), along with a vintage lime-green skirt suit by Thierry Mugler.

Of course, Zendaya championing vintage sends out a strong message on how we can reduce the environmental impact of our own wardrobes. It’s why, as co-host of the 2024 Green Carpet Fashion Awards in March, the actor wore an archival Roberto Cavalli gown from spring/summer 2011, which heavily references the ’20s. “People forget that vintage is sustainable; it’s a way to reduce waste,” Roach previously explained. “And there’s always a story: who’s worn it before, who made it, what did it mean to them, where did you find it? That part of fashion has always intrigued me, and brings more life to whatever you’re wearing.”

Happily, Zendaya has also revealed in the past that she has been working with Roach to create an archive that she can dip into in the future. “I want to reuse my clothes. I want to be able to wear that dress again when I’m 40 and be like, ‘This old thing?’” she told Vogue.

Below, take a closer look at Zendaya’s best vintage looks to date.

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