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16 fashion do’s and don’ts for men and women to cope with the summer heatwave

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SUMMER has finally arrived with temperatures soaring this weekend, but it has been so long since we dressed for the warmer weather that many of us have forgotten what to wear.

The Sun’s fashion team is here to help with this guide to the hottest heatwave attire.

Actor Idris Elba has the right idea by wearing a linen shirt, trainers, and shorts to the appropriate lengthCredit: Getty

Clemmie Fieldsend and Abby McHale reveal the ultimate dos and don’ts so that you never suffer from unsightly tan lines, sweaty patches or wardrobe malfunctions again.


WEAR A LINEN SHIRT: Every man should own a linen shirt for when the sun comes out.

The only rule is to stick to a maximum of three undone buttons.

Natural fibres such as linen are breathable so you will stay cool.

A few creases are fine, as it is impossible to keep this material crisp.

However, avoid looking like a crumpled mess – this goes for women too – by teaming one linen item with something more structured like denim.

PLUMP FOR DARK T-SHIRTS: If it is hot outside there is no helping it, you are going to sweat.

After lashings of Lynx, try to hide sweat patches by wearing dark- coloured clothes such as navy or black.

Always avoid grey, as that is notoriously bad for showing off sweat patches the most.

STICK TO TRAINERS: Sorry lads, but super-hairy toes and unkempt nails are not on many women’s lust lists.

The ultimate ‘in-between’ outfits Team Fashion are wearing this British summertime

Unless you are prepared to take care of your feet before heading outside then stick to your trusty and comfortable trainers or plimsolls.

Just be sure to wear socks to avoid smelly, sticky feet.

There is a time and a place for sandals – in the comfort of your own garden or at the pool or beach.

CHOOSE CHINO SHORTS: You might think chinos are just for posh blokes polishing their yacht, but they are a style staple for summer.

Shorts, in general, are tricky to get right but for blokes the most important part is the length – they should sit just above the knee, like actor Idris Elba’s above.

Longer styles look naff, especially with copious pockets that look like they should be filled with tools.


CHOOSE CO-ORDS: Blokes should not attempt to channel their inner Erling Haaland in garish prints and colours or shiny fabrics.

It is male peacocking at its finest and makes you look too try-hard, and even more so when worn open to show off your abs or dad bod.

Leave the garish bold colours to footballer Erling Haaland, don’t try to copyCredit: instagram

Leave them for the Man City ace or for when you are at a beach club abroad. Better yet, just save your cash.

COMBINE SOCKS AND SANDALS: There’s no getting away from it, socks and sandals look terrible.

It is likely to be a pair of socks that has seen better days and hoisted up mid-shin and you will look like you are taking out the bins or half asleep.

From Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to US tourists, they are just not cool.

If you really don’t want to wear trainers, then even Crocs would be preferable.

GO TOPLESS: It’s not that you can’t do it ever – in your own garden is fine.

But even if you have got the bod of a god, we don’t want to see or smell your half-naked body – or be crammed up against it on public transport.

Vests are pretty much a no-no, too, especially when it is a jersey for a basketball team you’re not even a fan of.

The park is fair game but certainly not a pub beer garden – you will put every-one off their grub with that much flesh on show.

Paul Mescal wearing ultra-short boxers as outerwear is risky businessCredit: Getty

WEAR SWIM TRUNKS OUT: Look, we get it. Trunks sound like a good option for when it’s hot – they are moisture wicking and comfortable.

But everything is loose and open for possible wardrobe malfunctions.

It is also risky business to hop on board with the current trend among celebs like actor Paul Mescal to wear ultra-short boxers as outerwear.


WEAR WHITE: White is not the easiest to keep clean but it is the best shade for a heatwave and looks effortlessly chic.

It doesn’t absorb sunlight like black, instead it reflects the sun’s rays and heat, which in turn keeps you cool and comfortable.

It is also a shade that never goes out of style.

If you do get the odd suncream smear on your whites, quickly dab with hand soap and water, rub in with a brush then wash as normal.

Actress Sophie Turner shows how to look effortlessly relaxed in her loose co-ordsCredit: Getty

PREPARE FOR EXTREMES: With our unpredictable weather it’s not uncommon to see either someone in hotpants with goose-pimpled legs after an unexpected downpour, or at the other end of the spectrum someone still wearing their black, winter tights in 30C heat.

When you are on the fence, opt for a loose co-ord that will keep you cool but not expose you to the elements if it rains, like actor Sophie Turner.

COVER UP: While you might be tempted to put on your skimpiest outfit when the mercury rises above 25C, it has actually been proven that staying covered up can keep you cooler.

We are not advising you to wrap up in your winter coat.

But you should opt for light, breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen, and for flowy midi skirts, dresses or wide-leg trousers, which will billow and create a cool breeze as you walk. Plus, they are on-trend.

WEAR SHORTS: You can wear shorts at any age, the key is getting the length right.

Luckily, for those of us who do not like to show off too much skin, longer, Bermuda-style shorts are all the rage this year.

Short shorts are, of course, allowed but they won’t make you any cooler. If anything, micro-shorts can make you feel hotter.

Plus, hotpants are wedgie inducing and often show off too much bum cheek. Leave them to Kylie Minogue.


SHOW YOUR BRA STRAPS: While vest tops are a staple of summer clothing, there really is nothing classy about your bra straps being on show – especially when they are a different colour to your top, like supermodel Gigi Hadid here.

Stick to a strapless bra underneath.

Whatever you do – keep the bra straps out of sight, unlike Gigi HadidCredit: Splash

WEAR CROCHET: The crochet trend is nice enough and, while it looks great on Love Island presenter Maya Jama, it’s simply not practical.

If the sun is out you could end up with tragic tan lines that resemble a mosaic. Plus, it is essentially knitwear – hot and itchy.

For men, knitted polos have entered the fashion fold, masquerading as summerwear, but they are made from sweaty synthetic materials. You have been warned.

DON ESPADRILLES: Espadrille wedges were once Princess Kate’s go-to summer shoe but they have well and truly fallen off the fashion wagon.

While Noughties ballet flats are back, the espadrille has been relegated to the back of the wardrobe until its next revival. Gen Z have even dubbed them “the granny sandal”.

Bandeau style tops require a lot of work through the day and are not worth the hassleCredit: Getty

ATTEMPT BANDEAU STYLE TOPS: The bandeau, aka boob tube, as worn by Chrissy Teigen, has got to be one of the most unflattering styles.

Yes, you will avoid tan lines, but you will also spend the entire day pulling your top up and trying to keep your boobs in place.

Come evening it will be covered in your grubby finger-prints and you will have had the odd “nip slip”.

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