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11 best receipt scanning apps to earn money

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After you’ve been shopping, scan receipts and you can earn money to spend on whatever you want with these awesome apps.

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You don’t need to be a master photographer to make money taking photos.

And you don’t need to buy anything specific.

After you’ve been shopping, simply snap a photo of your till receipt (even if you’ve just spent £1).

Then you can make money to spend on whatever you want.

Scan receipts for money

Here are the best apps you need to be using.

And the best thing is that similar to taking online surveys for money, you can use all the apps at the same time.

That means the same receipts can earn you money on every single app!

Amazon Shopper Panel

amazon shopper app screenshotamazon shopper app screenshot

Using the Amazon Shopper Panel app, you can earn a monthly reward for uploading receipts and taking short surveys.

It’s not about Amazon purchases; you can add receipts from shops you do at other retailers in store and online.

You upload a minimum of 10 receipts over a month and guarantee £5 credit to spend at Amazon.

It’s the quickest and fastest-paying receipt app out there.

The app is currently working on an invite-only program, but you can join the waitlist now as spots are opening up all the time.


Use the Shoppix promo code 3B74ZJ55 to get a bonus 200 tokens when you join

Snap photos of your receipts, and you’ll earn tokens that you can use for Amazon, iTunes, or Love2Shop vouchers.

On top of earning tokens from your receipts, you can earn more points.

When you take part in short paid surveys and regularly scan, you will move you “up the shelves” for more bonuses.

Take a look at detailed Shoppix reviews to see how the app really works.

The app is available on both the App Store and GooglePlay.

Shoppix referral code

Use the Shoppix promo code 3B74ZJ55 to get a bonus 200 tokens when you join.

Bing/Microsoft cashback

Sign up with Microsoft Start or Bing on the App or Google Play Store, and you can earn 5p for each receipt you snap.

I’m using the Bing app, and from there, click Apps at the bottom right and then click Cashback.

It will give you a list of retailers and fast food places where you can earn money back, but there is also one for any general receipt if you don’t see the shop listed.

Receipts need to be sent within 14 days of your purchase and you can only submit 10 receipts per day, or 20 per week.

You get a payout instantly, which sits in your “Microsoft Cashback” account.



Answer a few questions about what you eat, take a photo of your food/drink receipt and earn.

You can earn gift cards by taking pictures of your receipts, and just three receipts a month will earn you £1.

Taking photos of 15 receipts will earn you £5 a month.

If you buy breakfast, snacks, and the odd coffee on the go from fast food or restaurants, then you can make a few quid back easily with this app.

Plus, they offer bonus opportunities and extra gifts too.

SnapMyEats is available on both:



With Swagbucks Magic Receipts, you can earn their credit (SB) which you can change into gift cards or PayPal cash.

You use their website from the app to scan receipts for money, plus you get bonus cashback when you buy certain items.

You can sign up for a free Swagbucks account here and get a £10 bonus.


zipzero app reviewzipzero app review

With Zipzero, you’re able to earn up to £50 a month.

Instead of cashing out as money or vouchers, Zipzero works a bit differently from the other apps.

You’re able to reduce the cost of your household bills, such as your water, gas and electric, TV/internet/phone and council tax.

Read up on our Zipzero review for more details about how the app works.

Google Opinion Rewards

Available on both Apple and Android devices, Google Opinion Rewards is more of a survey app, however you can also upload receipts to it.

While you cannot upload every receipt, Google will use your location history to see where you were and then ask you to upload a receipt if it believes you were in a certain shop.

(You can control and turn off location sharing and, if you do so, check any other apps as most (including map apps) will and need to track you to work).

Store Rewards

Screenshots of examples of the storewards appScreenshots of examples of the storewards app

STOREWARDS  lets you earn points when you take photos and scan receipts. 

You collect 600 points for each receipt, plus bonuses as you scan more and daily sign-in bonuses.

Use the Store Rewards promo code QGFJX and get 250 extra coins.

We’ve had some feedback from our community on social media that messages on the app say that registration is currently closed. So, it looks like they’ve temporarily stopped allowing new members to join. If you already have an account, you can still log in with your phone number.

We’ll update here if and when things change, but it never hurts to try and open an account in the mean time, just in case.

You save your points up until you can exchange them for cash via PayPal, or you can choose an Amazon voucher instead.

Read our STOREWARDS review


Rather than just scanning any old receipt, you first must make a specific purchase.

Check the Shopmium app for items you need to buy from supermarkets, buy the item, and then upload the receipt to the app.

They will then give you either the full money back or a percentage of what you spent.


In a similar way to Shopmium, GreenJinn gives you cashback for things you buy.

You can shop in store or online, depending on the offer, take a photo of your receipt showing you bought a specific item listed, and you will get up to 100% back.


CheckoutSmart allows you to earn cashback on things you buy and have a chance to test out new foods.

Check the app to see what items are listed at your favourite supermarkets, buy them and keep the receipt, then take a photo showing your purchase.

They will then pay you up to 100% cashback meaning the food you bought might be absolutely free!

Get paid for your receipts

While taking photos of receipts is a great way to boost the pennies in your pockets, these apps may not be around forever.

If any of the companies were to go bust, then you’d lose any points or earnings in the app.

Therefore, it’s best to cash out as soon as you can, rather than leaving any vouchers or cash saved up in the app.

If you’re a wombler, please check the terms and conditions of the apps.

(What on earth is a wombler?)

Many of the apps state that you need to use personal receipts (or receipts from your household).

If they think you’ve been scanning other people’s receipts (like from wombling), they may close your account down.

Scanning receipts FAQs

Can you use multiple apps?

Yes, you can use all receipt apps at the same time to scan receipts.

Can I use the same receipt more than once?

You can only use the receipt once per app. However, you can use the same receipt across all receipt app.

Do you need a PayPal account?

Most of the apps payout as cash to PayPal, although a few offer gift cards. It’s best to get a PayPal account, so you have more flexibility.

Does the snapping receipt app only work with grocery stores?

The majority of the receipt apps work with all different sorts of retailers. A couple of them are solely for your food purchases and specify with shopping receipts and supermarket receipts they accept.

Can I earn money from scanning receipts?

Yes, you can earn cash or gift cards but using a receipt app.

Can you use receipts from other people?

In their terms and conditions, most of the apps say that it’s only your own or your household’s receipts you should scan.

How long does it take for the apps to payout?

Once you’ve saved up enough points, most apps payout within 24 hours.

Can I use the apps for in store and online shops?

Most of the apps allow you to scan shopping receipts from online as well as in store purchases.

Which is the best receipt app?

Well, I have my favourite and others might find it different. It’s best to test them all out and work out which one you like the best. Even though I have a preference, I still use them all.

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Receipt scanning apps we don’t mention

We keep this list concise and only share the best receipts apps that work.

You may see other apps mentioned, but they don’t work in the UK or they are no longer trading:

Fetch Rewards UK

It’s not set up. American users only.

Receipt Hog

The Receipt Hog app no longer works for scanning receipts. Receipt Hog was closed and replaced with STOREWARDS, which is actually one of the best receipt apps.

SMA Baby Club

The SMA Baby Club’s reward programme closed in December 2022. You used to get up to £5 cashback on follow on or growing up milk, paid to your bank or PayPal.


Shopprize closed in September 2022.


Sadly, HuYu has closed. It shut down on 25 March 2023, and you needed to redeem your points before 24 March 2023. They did give 30 days’ notice of their decision.

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